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Intuition & Dreams
Study Path

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Your Journey:

Intuition & Dreams

Weeks 1–2

The kabbalists teach that we receive messages from the universe throughout our life for assistance and guidance on our soul's journey. Join Mordechay as he shares the many channels in which these messages can come to us and how we can learn to connect the dots for receiving more of our messages.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: How often do you doubt the messages you receive, dismissing them as “not real” or “not logical”? Based on what you learned in this class, which type of doubt do you think you engage in more often than not: healthy or counter-productive doubt?

Thought Into Action: For the next week, practice tuning in to a source you don’t usually receive messages from, and ask the Light for guidance in connecting with it. For instance, if you don’t usually connect with plants, take time to stop, look at them, feel them and while doing so, ask the Light to help you be open to receiving a message.

Weeks 3–4

Did you know that you have a superpower? Your sense of intuition, that gut feeling you sometimes get in various aspects of life, is rooted in the energy of the universe and gives you the power to see beyond the logic and facts in front of you. Intuition helps you identify red flags to keep you safe and illuminates hidden messages from the universe to steer us in the direction we want to go. Tune in for tips and tools for developing your intuition.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: When was the last time you ignored your intuition? How was your intuition manifesting – what did you feel, hear, know, etc.? What happened when you ignored your intuition?

Thought Into Action: For the next week, pay attention to the moments when you feel sure or right about something. Ask yourself – where is my agenda here – where is my desire? If your desire is rooted in selfishness or a place of lack (for example: fear), recognize the emotions you may be feeling are not completely real and therefore not necessarily worthy of acting upon. If your desire is to grow, share, get closer to the Light, read the message you’re receiving as real and valid. Practice distinguishing between real vs. illusionary senses of knowing and practicing trusting your intuition when it’s real.

Weeks 5–6

There is a divine structure to the universe, and kabbalists teach that angels are an integral part of this system, maintaining balance within the cosmos. They are the unseen forces that channel energy in its various forms from the upper worlds into our physical world. Angels guide us, send us messages, and intervene when necessary, working through us and around us. In this lesson, you will begin to learn how to communicate with angels in order to align with your soul’s purpose.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: When do you usually ask God, the Creator, the Light for help? When you ask for help, do you think of yourself, others, or both?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, every time you feel a desire to ask for help from above, pause and check-in with yourself. Get in touch with the true nature of your desire. Observe if your desire to receive is for the self alone, or if it Is to receive for the sake of others as well, for the sake of sharing. For instance, if you’re asking for clarity on whether or not to go on a date with a person you’ve been speaking to. Are you asking for guidance to make the decision that’s going to bring you the greatest happiness or the best decision for yourself and this other person, regardless of whether or not you may be temporarily disappointed by the outcome? Notice what happens when you expand your desire to include the best for others as well. Notice how you are guided and what messages you receive.

Weeks 7–8

The Zohar explains that while we sleep, 59 of the 60 parts of the soul leave our bodies, leaving only 1/60th to physically sustain us. When the body is in slumber, the chains of physical existence break. The soul becomes free to ascend to a higher place in the spiritual realm where it receives nourishment and messages. In this class, you will begin to learn why we sleep and dream, as well as the unique purpose behind different types of dreams.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What type of dreams (nightmares, neutral, guidance, or prophetic) do you think you have most frequently? Do you usually remember your dreams?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, practice using the guided meditation Mordechay mentioned in class before you sleep and observe whether you dream differently throughout the week. Journal your dreams.

Weeks 9–10

According to Kabbalah, dreams offer us insight that can help us grow spiritually; information regarding our past, present, and future are highlighted for our review. The degree of truth revealed through our dreams is directly related to our consciousness and the way we live our daily lives. In this class, you will explore how to maximize the quality of your dreams and begin interpreting the messages that are key to your spiritual growth.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Do you typically share your dreams, and if so, how intentional are you about who you share your dreams with? What is typically your intention for sharing a dream?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, every time you dream, practice using the dream flow chart to determine whether or not the dream needs interpretation. If the dream does warrant interpretation and you want to share your dream, practice following the conditions outlined in class. Pay attention to how the interpretation is different when you share intentionally.

Weeks 11–12

The universe sends us many messages throughout the day, but deciphering them can be a little tricky, and they may be difficult to identify. The kabbalists teach that when we feel “stuck,” that life is just random, it is because we do not know how to read what the universe is trying to teach us. In this class, you will learn Kabbalistic tools for better understanding the language of the universe so that we can decode its messages and make better decisions.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: How often do you practice the mantra “it came for a reason”? When you practice this mantra, do you use it begrudgingly and or fight with yourself internally to truly embrace it? Do you believe the Light is always working in your best interest, no matter how illogical the situation may seem? What would it take for you to fully trust the Light?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, tune into your dominant mode of intuition and practice asking the “yes” or “no” questions mentioned in class, with the intention to strengthen your intuitive muscle.

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