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Happiness & Purpose
Study Path

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Your Journey:

Happiness & Purpose

Weeks 1–2

The kabbalists teach that greatness is not reserved for a select few. It is, in fact, what we are meant to achieve in our lifetime. In this episode of Spiritually Hungry, Monica and Michael Berg discuss how we can manifest our highest potential by cultivating self-love and appreciation for our unique gifts.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life right now are you measuring your impact by something physical – like numbers or money? How can you shift your perspective to instead focus on the quality of your impact, knowing with full certainty it is impossible to truly gauge the reach of your influence (energetically)?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, focus on your unique strengths, gifts, talents, etc., every day. Look for the seemingly simple or trivial opportunities to express these strengths, gifts, talents, etc. Start looking at these daily opportunities to step into your purpose as just as meaningful (if not more) than the larger, grander goals you have for yourself. The more you recognize, celebrate, and honor your gifts, the more impactful they’ll be.

Weeks 3–4

Kabbalah teaches that before we came into this world, we were shown a glimpse of what it means to be living our purpose--that particular path that, when realized, reveals tremendous Light in this world. In this class, you will learn how becoming self-aware is the first step in understanding your purpose and how your purpose is always evolving. You will learn what it means to deepen our connection to our own spiritual purpose and what life will look and feel like when we are living it.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life right now are you living someone else’s dream? There may be an obvious example but look deeper for the subtler answers as well. For instance, you may enjoy your job for the most part, but the core reason you’re staying in your job and not pursuing your deepest passion is because your parents invested time and money into the education that enabled you to attain this job. You may convince yourself you’re lucky – your job pays well, it’s fulfilling – but deep down, this job is your parent's dream for you, and there is something else your soul truly yearns to do.

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, pay attention to your belief systems around purpose. Notice your beliefs around purpose being singular and fixed. Each time you catch yourself falling into the belief that your purpose is one thing, or something unchanging, challenge yourself to redefine and expand upon your purpose. For instance, if you are an artist and have defined your purpose as creating beauty for the world to enjoy, maybe you’ve gotten stuck in thinking there is only one way to create this beauty – through a specific skill, say painting. Challenge yourself to look for the opportunities to create beauty every day outside of painting. Maybe you help a friend pick out new artwork for their apartment, maybe you buy flowers for your office space to improve your co-workers’ moods, or maybe you just point out a gorgeous sunset to someone who isn’t paying attention. Get creative! The more you look for new opportunities to express your purpose, the more the concealed opportunities will be revealed to you.

Weeks 5–6

Optional Lightwork  

Question: We all fall into the “I will be happy when” mentality from time to time. Where in your life have you set up a condition of “I will be happy when,” and what is buying into this illusion costing you?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, commit a part of your day to truly sharing with another human being. For every act of sharing, focus your intention on creating goodness for others and, in doing so, getting closer to the Light of the Creator. Practice detaching yourself from any expectations or desire to receive for the self alone when you are sharing. Notice how your happiness is impacted by these acts of sharing.

Weeks 7–8

Kabbalists teach that counting our blessings isn’t something we should do simply because it’s nice or makes us feel good. Recognizing the blessings we receive is, in fact, a tool for maintaining those blessings and attracting new ones into our lives. In this inspiring seminar, you will dive into engaging exercises and learn a variety of powerful kabbalistic tools that can help awaken appreciation and joy.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life right now are you the effect of some form of fulfillment you experience? In order to maintain and build upon the fulfillment you have, how can you shift into being the cause rather than the effect of this fulfillment? For instance, if you always feel happy when your friends call to check in on you, you can switch your role from receiver to initiator and start being the one that makes the calls to check-in.

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, practice the meditation/visualization you learned in class every day or as often as possible. Notice how your awareness expands during these meditations – what blessings do you become more attuned to and more appreciative of? Notice the connection between your awareness, appreciation, and happiness.

Weeks 9–10

In this lesson, you will learn practical tools for shifting your consciousness from a place of seeing challenges to a place of seeing blessings and be inspired to actively choose happiness every day.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What in your life right now have you labeled “bad” or “wrong?” How can you shift your perspective to see these things as “good” and “right” from the perspective of your soul and its desire for growth?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, work on creating a “to do” and a “to be” list. After you’ve created your lists, look for inconsistencies between these two lists, specifically, who do you need to be in order to do the things you dream of – what qualities do you want to embody more or less of? Commit to spending more energy cultivating your “to be” list items than your “to do” list items, even if it feels unnatural at first.

Weeks 11–12

In chapter 3 of Gate of Reincarnations, Rav Isaac Luria explains that each one of us has been chosen by the Light to fulfill a certain purpose, a unique Light that only our individual selves can reveal. In this class, you will learn how to gain more insights into your unique purpose and how to manifest it.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What does the “upgraded” version of yourself look like? Describe the consciousness, qualities, words, and behaviors of this person.

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, pay attention to when, where, and how the Opponent challenges you. These moments will provide key insights into your purpose – what you are here to transform and express in this lifetime. Take note of any patterns or themes that arise.

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