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Unity in Change

Esther Barnea
January 23, 2020
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How exciting would it be if we could know our future?!

Aquarius is an air sign with eternal energy of the fire element. Yet, symbolic of Aquarius is the water bearer, who kneels with a bucket of living water on his shoulder, which he pours in an act of sharing. Therefore, we can also connect to the water element of Aquarius, which now results in the three-column system of air, fire, and water. Aquarius is the manifestation of the energy of the center column. Water usually represents sensitivity. In the matter of the Aquarius, water represents knowledge and wisdom. When we connect to the center column, we are able to tap into a greater consciousness that is able to see beyond the limitation of our five senses.

"Aquarius is the manifestation of the energy of the Central Column."

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, which assists the goals of unity and human dignity, when there is no attachment to material or physical achievements. Ultimately, there is no one leader who can make change; all of humanity will bring change, all of us, together. And this can only happen when we all feel responsible for one another and for our planet.

Our generation is considered to be “the generation of the hill,” where there are no big leaders.

We do not have tana’im; we do not have leaders like George Washington or Martin Luther King, Jr. We are the lowest generation, yet we have the biggest potential! In order to fulfill this potential, we need to know what our job is in this universe.

We want to make a lot of money and be successful. We want to conquer the world, which is an enormous desire. When we use this enormous desire to be successful as human beings, who care deeply about humanity, and when we care that the people around us are also successful, we connect to the unlimited ability of the universe to give us everything.

Take for example technology, which is an amazing tool. It represents the spiritual concept of “no time, space, or motion.” You can connect to a group of people in Australia as if you are sitting with them in the same room.  You can shop in Japan from your own computer. It makes the world a global village. On the other hand, it creates competition and jealousy, and increases the illusions, which increases loneliness and dissatisfaction.

"Step up, raise the bar."

People are looking for big excitement. Things that once made us happy may not make us happy anymore, because we seem to always want more. Wanting more is fantastic. But how can we fill up our lives to feel satisfied and happy?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we came into this world to be influential and not influenced. We came to live as a society, for our fellow friends. For many years I did not understand what that meant. Many think we need to give up part of ourselves to be a part of society. We learned early that we need to be considerate and generous, and that what will make us “good people.” The desire to belong to someone or something that is bigger than all of us causes us to make the effort to belong. Society determines the rules we must follow, so we can feel included and will not feel the pain of loneliness. In reality, we are complete. By knowing who we are and what we want, and by being independent and influential, we can contribute to society. This is the gift we all receive during the month of Aquarius.

Aquarius energy has remarkable capacity for self-recognition and a crystal-clear reception of universal intelligence. On a spiritual level, it allows for pure vision and penetrating perception.  And, because of Aquarians’ detached nature they have the ability to be objective.

We have just had two eclipses and the North Node is in Cancer. This means that the universe is encouraging us to care more deeply. The objectivity of Aquarius (that caring on an emotion level is not their strength) and the caring nature of Cancer brings us to a beautiful result: genuine love and care for others.  As we possess strong humanitarian desire to nurture, we will feel satisfaction.

Venus (feminine energy) and Mars (masculine energy) make a trine (a positive relationship) between them. Allow us to find balance between our feminine and masculine side, which also increases the chance of finding love or giving us a boost of energy in an existing relationship. Help yourself by feeling good about yourself. Invest in the desire for intimacy. This is also an opportunity to have a good talk with friends and set up expectations to avoid disappointments.

Saturn is still conjunct with Pluto (1 degree apart) in Capricorn. To set up the tone for this year, take a closer look at behaviors and feelings that you know are not good for you, and yet you are still hanging onto. Eliminate them from your life one step at a time. It is hard to eliminate things we are used to having, even if we know that they are bad for us. This is where the planets can help us. Uranus squares the sun and moon, helping us to figure out what these behaviors are.

Once we are ready to do so, the veil will disappear and we will be free, wondering why it took us so long.

Step up, raise the bar. Do not resist your surroundings. Be one of the many who wants to create true change in the world, in unity and not as a single, powerful individual.

Chodesh tov, everyone.