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The Light Inside

Karen Berg
December 2, 2021
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This article was previously published in 2018.

Welcome to the new month of Capricorn. We begin this new moon with the extraordinary power of Chanukah, the holiday of miracles. It is the foundation of the energy available for the next 30 days. The first two days of Capricorn are always the final two days of Chanukah. In these final two days, the culmination of the holiday is revealed, and Capricorn is merited to be the channel for this energy. The previous month and Capricorn are deeply interconnected. However, only during this month of Capricorn is the brightest part of Chanukah revealed. Because of this, Capricorn is known to be the month of our highest possible spiritual potential. Concealed in this month lies a reservoir of unmatched energy that no other month holds. The unique qualities of Capricorn exist primarily because of the immense Light generated in the first two days. It is the presence of this Light that caused Capricorn to develop its hard outer shell. In the same way our remarkable brain is enclosed in a hard skull, the Light of this month is enclosed by the material world. More so than in any other month, we are faced with the heavy obstacle of matter. But just like inside our human skull the most brilliant and complex machine exists, inside the month of Capricorn exists the greatest spiritual potential. In no other month are we able to achieve this spiritual height. There is a great Light hidden now, and with an open and loving heart, we can reveal it. 

"There is a great Light hidden now."

Because of this material shell that has formed around the energy of this month, Capricorn is considered to be an earth sign. People who are born under this sign are invested deeply in the physical world and have allowed it to dominate most of their consciousness. Capricorns are people who love the very best in life and tend to pursue materialism. Capricorns, however, are far more than just great business people. While outside they may project the cold physical world, inside lies a great, warm Light waiting to be discovered and allowed to shine. Like diamonds buried deep within a cavern, the Capricorn contains the internal element of water. Because of this, Capricorns are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and feel others on a higher level. They often can be clairvoyant. Their inner Light is the entire massive Light of Chanukah that has been concealed and locked by the gates of physicality. If their potential and inner Light is never expressed, the Capricorn may spend his or her entire life engulfed in only the material world. Preoccupied with the skin of the fruit, they may never taste the actual fruit itself. The dilemma the Capricorn faces represents all of humanity. Each of us has the spark of the Creator inside that can be forgotten by the onslaught of needs by the body. Studies have proven that when people are impoverished, they are not able to naturally express their innate Desire to Share and be giving. Our inner Light can be all but forgotten if the outer world dominates us. Like a veil placed over a lamp, in this month, if we are willing to go beyond what we can see with our eyes, we will be successful in connecting to the Light of the Creator that lies within and all of the blessings that contact creates.

"Our hearts can be triumphant."

The month of Capricorn is a platform that permits us to achieve the highest level of spirituality. Oftentimes though, we tend to only focus on the shell around our Light. We focus on the body and forget the soul. We spend our lives in pursuit of only physical wealth and material gains. We strive and focus our attention on the less significant part of our essence forfeiting the greatest parts of ourselves -- the Creator within. We are distracted by the physical and abandon the spiritual. But if we want to achieve our greatest potential, our efforts must take us inward, not outward. For inside lies the Creator and ultimately our greatest achievement. If we are successful in turning away from the physical shell and focusing instead on the Light within, we will be able to access all the miracles and wonders meant for us. When we utilize our work ethic for our spiritual pursuits, there is no limit to our connection to the Creator. The Creator is inside us, and with Him is the power of mind over matter, immortality, and, most importantly, the power of love. If we are willing to transform our pursuit of fame and fortune into the pursuit of knowing the Creator and loving our neighbor as ourselves, there is truly no end to our capabilities. For love and sharing with others is the key to awakening the Creator within and drawing down limitless blessings into our lives.

When our soul travels to this world it becomes encased within the confines of the human body. From here, we must navigate with its distractions and insatiable needs. But our hearts can be triumphant. We are able to awaken our inner Creator and allow human dignity and care for others to be commonplace in our lives. Instead of a life spent in the quest of satisfying only our own desires, we can turn away from that and begin a spiritual path. We are able to instead pursue the Creator as we had once pursued financial and material success. This is the key to this month. The true spiritual awakening occurs when we realize there is more to ourselves on the inside than there is on the outside. We begin to see the greatest gains are had when we awaken love and care for one another. We hold inside the Creator, and yet it will always be our choice whether or not we honor that part of ourselves. But if we do, if we choose to begin to activate our inner Divine Love, there is truly no limit to the heights we can achieve in this lifetime.

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