The Humility of Change

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The Humility of Change

Kabbalah Centre
August 8, 2018
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Beauty and humility are the attributes I wish for all humanity. Share and be of service to others (to the best of your ability) without thinking it is a big deal. The gift of Virgo is that we each have the potential to embrace this energy, if we choose to connect to it.

"Virgo offers us the ability to make decisions based on common sense"

A mutable earth sign, Virgo offers us the ability to make decisions based on common sense, to see problems in a simple way, and find solutions we hadn’t seen earlier. The ability to make careful and responsible decisions is important, especially this month, since the energy is intense and very complex. Thanks to Mars squaring Uranus, the tendency to make reactive decisions or snap at every little thing is strong. However, the energy of Virgo will balance that crazy pull to throw ourselves over the edge without thinking.

Mars squaring Uranus will bring a more intense energy that has the potential to go in one of two directions: change that leads to a breakdown or a feeling of falling apart, or change that leads to a breakthrough and growth. Uranus, which represents the higher level of consciousness, asks us to take action with awareness and free ourselves from limitation.

The symbol of the Virgo is a woman with angel wings and a bundle of wheat in her hand.

The angel wings represent the upper world (the Tree of Life), and the wheat represents the lower world, called Malchut in Kabbalah (the Tree of Knowledge, or good and bad).

Our teacher, Rav Berg, explains that the month of Virgo is “the time of all desires.” Furthermore, we can set the atmosphere to benefit ourselves, creating unification of the two worlds, thereby creating unification in our lives. By using the detailed eyes of Virgo, we can clearly see what we need to change about our selves.

To be elevated means seeing what is not perfect about ourselves and correcting it – not for the sake of judgment or to put our selves down, but so we may cleanse our negative behavior.

Admitting we make mistakes, hurt others, or that we are not perfect is a very painful thing to do. But, only by admitting it are we able to change it. If we continue to make excuses as to why we act the way we do, insist we have justifiable reasons, or refuse to admit our mistakes, we will never be able to elevate, thus continuing the same negative behavior. 

"Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to reflect "

The ability to see who we are and what we need to change helps us become better versions of ourselves. Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, is retrograde in Leo. Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to reflect and make sure our actions come from an authentic place.

Mercury retrograde in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio. Looks like we are not getting answers to our greatest questions! The reason for this is we are simply not listening. If you want answers, you need to admit you don’t know what they are! Talk less, and listen more. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. And, if you don’t know something, ask. The humility of Virgo can help you; it is available – all you have to do is ask.

A message for parents: clarity is available for those who choose to see it. We often wonder about what direction we need to give to our children and when we need to let them figure it out by themselves. As parents we always want to “save” our children, and many times we end up solving their problems without thinking about the consequences. In the future, they may continue to rely on us to solve their problems. Children will act on that, so instead of blaming them, let’s see where can we change.

So, overall this month:

  • Make decisions after giving it thought, not out of anger.
  • Dare to look inside and identify what you feel, without feeling judgment.
  • Study more.
  • Be humble.
  • Connect to nature (Mother Earth).

Remember, change is inevitable. Make it work for you, not against you.