The Greatest Fulfillment We Will Know

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The Greatest Fulfillment We Will Know

Karen Berg
December 13, 2020
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This article was previously published in 2017.

Welcome to the month of Capricorn. As I have spoken about before, oftentimes, our greatest challenges lead us to our greatest opportunities. So too, do we find this important lesson during the month of Capricorn.

It is true, in the past, I have mentioned Capricorn to be one of the three negative months of the year. However, it is important to see the bigger picture about this month. For those who study astrology, many of you know that the house of Capricorn is considered to be your highest potential in your chart. In fact, it is said, Capricorns are capable of reaching the highest level of spirituality. How can a month deemed to be so negative lead to such great heights? And what can we do this month to connect more to Capricorn’s positive and often hidden gifts?

The month of Capricorn is a heavier month, connecting us to the element of earth. In the beginning of the month, we find the final and most powerful days of Chanukah. These days are the root of the entire month, and as we will see, are the powerhouse and secret of these next thirty days.

If you know anyone who is a Capricorn, these people have seemingly endless energy. They are always climbing mountains to greater heights of achievement. In fact, it is quite a challenge to even get a Capricorn to rest! You will find them working late hours into the night and even on holidays when the rest of the world is taking a break. To the Capricorn, there is no good reason to rest! For they are intrinsically connected to this powerhouse of Light and energy. And so too will we be this month. The question is: How do we channel this Light? Do we channel it to accumulate wealth and prestige for ourselves? Is that mansion high on the hill the reason we came to Earth? Or can we open our hearts and minds just a little more to people in need and help bring more love and positivity to them? What can we do to channel the Light so it will lead to blessings and fulfillment, not just for ourselves but for the whole world?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the father of the zodiac. It is said, Capricorn connects to the side of Saturn that faces out to the dark and cold universe. As opposed to Aquarius that connects to the side of Saturn that faces the sun. Because of this, during this month, we may feel a pull towards the physical, and not metaphysical, more than almost any other month in the year. It is no coincidence, we find consumerism at its height this month with department stores bustling with people. With one extreme, we will always find its opposite not far behind. To create the balance necessary from the two powerful last days of Chanukah that are the seed level of this month, we find a great deal of influence from the material world. We can get lost quite easily this month and perhaps find we have invested less in our spiritual practices.

Friends, this month, we must put in the effort to remain connected to spirituality and our spiritual practices. It is this effort that will be the key to unlock the many blessings this month has in store for us. Working hard is a concept that every Capricorn knows far too well. But instead of working towards our physical goals, if we are open, we can see all the joy and blessings that we can reap from working on our spiritual goals. For this task, there is no match to the Capricorn. They, and we too this month, truly have the potential to reach the highest levels of spirituality. For the best way to reach the sky is to jump from the Earth.

This month we can begin to connect more to our highest spiritual potential if we are willing to avoid being too drawn into physicality and materialism. Perhaps then, we can be open to turning towards our fellow man. The greatest physicality on earth are the people themselves. People are our secret to success. The secret this month to unleash yourself from heaviness, is to make yourself like the Light by giving and sharing with others. Sharing and giving is the correction, or tikkune, of the Capricorn. We, and Capricorns especially, are here on earth to share and give. I always guessed Charles Dickens’ character Ebenezer Scrooge was a Capricorn — counting his money alone in a cold dark home, only to discover at the end, true happiness is found in imparting energy outside of himself.

The internal aspect of Capricorn is water, and because of this, they are the most sensitive and giving of all the zodiac. Oftentimes many clairvoyants are Capricorns or have Capricorn in their charts. This powerful love and care is there on the inside, but it often comes out frozen! (Reminiscent of Saturn’s cold rings that circle it.)

This month, perhaps we can let our hearts melt a bit. Perhaps we can melt the ice around our hearts and be open to all the people around us, and around the world, who truly need our help. Perhaps we can tap into that sensitivity inside ourselves and begin to feel another person’s pain and needs. Perhaps we can find time to donate to a favorite charity or volunteer our time towards a cause close to our hearts. Or even light a candle for a friend in need and say a small prayer for them. For when we give and share, it is we who end up receiving the most. The greatest fulfillment we will know is when we allow our soul to rise to its highest potential and manifest itself through the work of our hands into acts of simple love. It is then hopefully, we are able to channel the enormous Light available.

This month, we can experience a joy like never before. We, too, can find ourselves, like Ebenezer, waking up to a new day of endless potential. We can truly become like the Creator and be one with the Creator. That is my wish for us all.

I wish you the very best on your journey this month. Have a great month.

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