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Spiritual Healing

Kabbalah Centre
July 7, 2014
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When we experience loss, it is easy to assume that we are alone. In truth, we are never alone. The Creator is always there for us, guiding us towards healing and transformation. But meeting the Creator half way on the path to healing is entirely up to us. It says in the Torah, "Open for Me an opening no more than the eye of a needle, and I will open for you Supernal gates." Therefore, all that is necessary for the Creator to help us on our journey towards spiritual healing and growth is for us to take that first step.

We will encounter many different kinds of loss in our lifetimes—the loss of a job, a loved one, an opportunity, a friendship—all of which are part of life. We feel the pain of loss when we have become attached to something, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. Once we land a great job, we want to keep it. After finding deep love with a mate, we intend to stay committed for the rest of our lives. But finding comfort in these things gives us a false sense of security. If only things would stay like this forever, we may think. Yet the only thing that is permanent in life is the Light of the Creator.

The key to healing after a loss is to shift our perspectives. Losing someone or something is not the end of life; it is simply the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Healing cannot begin until we accept that we are moving to a new chapter and it’s time to turn the page. This takes an incredible amount of certainty. Yet, only then can we begin to connect to the Creator’s healing Light.

The Creator wants us to grow and may shut a door in our lives in order to lead us towards change. But when this happens another door will always open. Sometimes loss is really trading in something old for something new. Though it may not seem like it when you are in pain and suffering, what you receive in return is quite often a great blessing. Part of healing is having certainty that while we may not understand why events have unfolded as they have, the Creator is guiding us towards transformation through the pain of loss.

Realize that life on Earth is not permanent. In fact, 99 percent of reality lies beyond our perception. The world of the 99 percent is filled with infinite spiritual Light; it is pure perfection. In contrast, what we experience here on Earth is only one percent of reality. Fulfillment is only temporary in the one percent realm. Here we experience pain and suffering, which we can ease by connecting to the 99 percent realm—connecting to the Light.

When you’ve experienced loss, surround yourself with people that bring you joy. Let in the Light. Spend time with supportive friends and family or listen to your favorite music. Take time to soak up the world outside of yourself. Something as simple as going for a walk can help us connect to the beauty in nature and thus the Light of the Creator.

Have gratitude and appreciation for the goodness in your life. Despite what you have lost, there are always blessings to be thankful for. Turn your attention towards what you have instead of what you don’t have, and you will deepen your connection to the Light. Gratitude is one of the surest ways to increase the blessings and Light in your life.

Give yourself time. The pain of loss can be a very long and difficult road to travel. Know that this will eventually pass and that the Creator will be near you every moment of the way. Remember that pain is proof that you are growing. Let go of what is now in your past, turn your gaze towards the Light, and allow the healing to begin.