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Revealing the Light

Karen Berg
January 31, 2022
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This article was previously published in 2019.

Welcome to the new month of Pisces, or as it is said in Hebrew, Adar. After a full year, we have arrived at the final zodiac sign, and with it comes maturity and wisdom. It is a time of completion and finality, where everything “comes together.” Whereas the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, stands in the front of the line only able to see itself, Pisces is at the end of the line, able to see all that lies ahead. The month of Pisces is an accumulation and manifestation of all the previous months. It contains all the spiritual energy of the year, and because of this, Pisces is deemed the most spiritual of all the months. It is said great souls who have little to correct reincarnate as Pisceans in order to complete their final work. For us all, it is a month where we are given the advantage to look back upon the year and see the fruits of our spiritual work. 

"Pisces is known as the month of joy."

This particular year yields for us even more spiritual Light than usual. For we have two months of Pisces this year. Because of the difference in length between a lunar and solar year, the sages add an extra month to the kabbalistic calendar in order to balance the two calendars. This is why the kabbalistic calendar is the said to be so accurate, as it finds the balance between the sun and the moon. This extra month is added at the end of the year. Seven times every 19 years we will have two months of Pisces, known as Adar 1 and Adar 2. There is always, however, a spiritual reason behind everything. On years when we have two months of Pisces, it is considered to be a year “pregnant” with blessings. The Universe is gifting us with a double experience of the positivity that Pisces brings. The extra Light during these 60 days removes even more negativity from our lives than other years. We can receive more joy, more happiness, and more positivity. A year with two months of Pisces is a special gift for us all.

These next 60 days consist of the spiritual Light we have created throughout the year. But what do we do with this Light? Kabbalah teaches that as long as we are in this physical world, there is physical action to take. We take this Light and use it to help others and brighten the entire world. This month, we elevate to a higher consciousness, the highest of the entire year. We are raised to a spiritual realm where the completion of humankind’s journey is found, and it is indeed joyful and worth celebrating! In fact, the month of Pisces is known as the month of joy. It is a time of good fortune, abundance, and miracles. It is a month in which we can tap into the joy of connecting to the spiritual reality where we have achieved humanity’s purpose, and where the totality of the Creator’s Light exists. We can then each do our part this month to channel this powerful energy and finally reveal it to the world. 

"We are all connected."

The month of Pisces, as taught by kabbalistic astrology, is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the channel for the energy of miracles, therefore we now have a greater access to miracles. Because we have arrived at the end of the zodiac wheel, we are afforded a glimpse to the future of humanity. The month of Pisces is a macrocosm that allows us to taste the finished fruit of humanity, in which we have removed the negativity within ourselves and we are in a constant state of bliss coupled with a  constant consciousness of giving love. This is why, oftentimes, the Piscean can be thought of as being “in the clouds” and even complacent. They know that everything will work out in the end and love is all there is. For the rest of us who are not there yet, this month allows us to bathe in the warm elevated waters of this spiritual reality. In this reality, our negative consciousness no longer exists and only the desire to love and share exists. In this Piscean reality, there is only the joy of being one with the Creator. This great gift is found during this month and within our Piscean friends. During this month, our goal is to draw down this spiritual energy into our lives and the lives of others. It is our great opportunity to manifest the joy that is waiting for us. It is our great gift to be able to see beyond the illusions of our current heartaches and problems, and peer into the future where there are no problems, challenges, or lack ---- there is only joy and love. That future is actually alive right here in the present. The seed for that future is here with us, today, and we can taste of that joy.                

The true reality is that we are all one, and we are all connected. The true reality is the one in which there are no problems, challenges, and lack. We are connected to the Creator and are unified with Him. We are not just these corporeal bodies, but sparks of the Creator. We are great beacons of the Creator’s Light. The truth is we have a desire to love and share more than we have a desire to take and hate, and this is the time in which we can reveal this truth, once and for all. We can remove the illusions that keep us from seeing the Light in each other’s eyes and the commonality that we all share. This is the month to walk the talk. It is the month to be of positive consciousness, giving and sharing like never before. Each time we choose love, we nurture the inner Piscean within each of us and hasten the coming of the final days where pain and suffering no longer exist. This month, joy is within our reach, because joy is our final destination, our destiny, and the promise of the Creator. I wish for everyone this reality. And I am wishing you the best of months. 

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