Renewing Our Bond with Divinity

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Renewing Our Bond with Divinity

Karen Berg
July 23, 2023
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This article was previously published in 2018.

We’ve all heard the old adage: Pride cometh before a fall. At times in life, we can find ourselves moving forward with great confidence and self-assuredness. We grab the world by the horns and feel that nothing can stop us. We feel invincible and capable of anything. We may perceive our blessings to be self-made and feel the pride of having created a wonderful life for ourselves and our family. This scenario can play out for years, and we can even find ourselves forgetting there is a Divine Source to our blessings. We can forget the part that the Creator played in our lives. It is tempting to feel that we alone are responsible for our good fortune.  After all, is it not our minds that thought of the idea and our hands that implemented it? How easy it is to forget who gave us a mind to think with, and the hands with which to be co-creators in this world. Indeed, the Creator is involved in all that we do, and it is sometimes only when we forget this that we come to see how much help we really need. We may soon discover that our minds aren’t brilliant enough to solve every problem alone, our hands not strong enough to face every challenge. For without the Creator’s energy, we have nothing. A famous musician once said, “The secret to writing a song is stepping out of the way so God can do the work.” If we do fall and we discover we need help, what do we do? How do we return to the path once we have gone astray? This week, the Universe, in its great wisdom and compassion, knows exactly what we need. We are given a path to return to the Light and plug back into the connection that guarantees a constant source of fulfillment and success. This week, the cosmos sends deep consolation and gives us the mercy we need to rise up and begin again. Our hearts and eyes open to seeing the truth that we never actually lost our connection to the Creator, it was always there just waiting for us to access it again. We are able to draw close, once again, to Divinity. We ask for the help we need to pick ourselves up and move forward. This week, we return to the support, Light, and, most importantly, to the love of the Creator. 

"Pride cometh before a fall."

Our assistance this week is the portion of the Torah called Va’etchanan. Va’etchanan means “and I pleaded.” It refers to when Moses pleads to the Creator, on behalf of himself and the Israelites, for assistance and help to continue on their journey. Our gift this week, is the unique opportunity to connect to the Creator via the actions of Moses. Speaking to the Creator is a powerful tool to reestablish our bond with the Light Force. We are not alone in our journey. We can and should ask for help along the way. Not only in times of need, but every waking day to maintain a strong connection to the Force that knows what is best for us and where we need to go next. This portion is always read after the strongest and potentially difficult time in the month of Leo. It is known as the week of consolation. Through the merit of Moses and his connection with the Creator, we too, reconnect to the Source and we can overcome any mistake, removing the illusion that we are unable to rise again. Moses encourages the Israelites, as well as us, to maintain our union with the Creator. He reminds them of the Creator’s love for them, citing their release from bondage in Egypt and other miracles as proof. We, too, can find great comfort in remembering that the Creator loves us, and only sends to us situations that are designed for our benefit and growth.

It is easy to find ourselves in a place where we think that only we know what is best. We can fall to a place where our only concern is our own wants and needs. Hatred can even begin to seethe in our hearts for people who do not follow our agenda. We can find ourselves erroneously thinking we are the masters of the universe. But the Universe is a wise teacher. The time always comes when we reluctantly have to admit that we alone cannot solve a problem. We come to see that we need the help of others and most importantly the help of the Creator. We realize that we are interconnected and dependent upon a Higher Power. If we chose in the past to step away from the Creator, this week we have the opportunity to choose to step forward and reestablish our bond with this Source of all blessings. We were created from Love, and that Love never dies. If we are ready to embrace it, it is always there to pick us up, hold us in its arms, and send us on the right path again. A path where miracles, blessings, and joy reside.

"The secret to writing a song is stepping out of the way so God can do the work."

This week in your meditations, seek to renew your bond with Divinity. Sit in a quiet room and light a candle. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Slowly become aware of the center of your chest. Feel your heart chakra begin to awaken. Feel, and even hear, the sound of your heart beating. What are the whispers of your heart? What is it trying to tell you? With humility, speak to the Creator. Ask to be able to join Him once again. Ask for the assistance you need and the strength to persevere. Be willing to return to this Source, for it is in this Source where answers and fulfillment are found. You were created from this Source of Love and it is always available to guide you.

This week, remember that you are never alone in this world, and that the Creator always hears your calls for help.

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