How Can I Live More Boldly? 3 Traits of Bold People

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How Can I Live More Boldly? 3 Traits of Bold People

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
April 25, 2022
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Harriet Tubman leading enslaved people to freedom; Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus; Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis. The thing these remarkable people all have in common is the desire to be of service to someone, a mission, or a cause beyond themselves that outweighed any fears. Each faced major challenges, even threat of death, but they acted selflessly anyway.

History is made by people living boldly, but it is not reserved for heroes in history books. Every one of us is meant to live a bold, meaningful life. Living boldly is the difference between achieving good things and achieving great ones.

Here are 3 traits that bold people possess that can inspire all of us to live more boldly:

1. Bold people aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zones.

To live boldly means to live in tune with the purpose of our souls, and this is not an easy path to walk. It requires us to consistently face challenges, fears, and obstacles every day. The alternative is a life that is safe, comfortable, and not bad, but not great either. That lifestyle will not bring true happiness or lead you to discover the purpose of your soul.

People often don’t know why they feel unhappy or unfulfilled. Many times, it is because the soul knows what we may not consciously know: that we are not living in alignment with the purpose they came into this world for. We are meant to grow, change, and overcome incredible challenges. Unless we are actively facing our fears and going through what makes us uncomfortable, we aren’t living our best lives.

Do not avoid the things that are difficult. To really live a fulfilled life means you need to do hard things. Step out of your comfort zone and face your challenges and fears head- on.

2. Bold people aren’t afraid of opposition.

When you are doing great things in the world, there will be obstacles, opposition, and competition. The more you put yourself out there, the more you will be attacked, rejected, and criticized, even when it’s not fair. Not everyone is supportive, and that is ok! We need to have those difficult experiences to know what we are made of and to push us forward.

If you are living life on your own terms, saying what you mean, and making yourself a priority, some people are going to have a problem with you. If everyone is happy with you all the time, you probably aren’t pushing yourself enough. Don’t let other people’s criticisms derail you. Those who can’t see you for who or what you are probably shouldn’t get a lot of space in your mind.

3. Bold people know that they matter.

Your soul knows it came into this world to do very important things that only you can accomplish. Unless you are discovering that and living that truth, your soul will not be satisfied, no matter how successful you are.

We see ourselves as much smaller than our potential. The world needs your unique Light. Know that what your soul came into this world to do, no one else can do. Remind yourself each morning that there is a need for what your soul can bring into this world and that you are so much greater than you see yourself.

Every day presents us with opportunities to live boldly, from small interactions to big decisions.

Whether it’s befriending the unpopular kid at school at the risk of your own reputation, pursuing a career in line with your soul’s desire instead of your parents’, moving somewhere completely foreign and embracing all the new experiences, asking someone out, requesting a promotion or raise, or simply standing up for yourself, grab hold of every chance to live boldly. Find ways to invest more effort and more energy into all areas of life. Only then can you be sure that you are accomplishing what your soul came into this world to do and experiencing life in the richest, fullest way possible.

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