How Can I Feel More Inspired? 3 Tips for Finding Motivation

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How Can I Feel More Inspired? 3 Tips for Finding Motivation

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
August 8, 2022
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It’s easy to go through the grind of everyday life feeling bored and uninspired. We get caught up in routines and schedules and can often start to settle for a life half-lived.

Inspiration is one of the most important parts of life because it helps us awaken our desire. No matter what you are hoping to manifest in your life, whether it be love, wisdom, or any other blessing, the amount that you are able to receive is equivalent to the amount of desire you have for it. Without desire, we have no sense of change, urgency, or curiosity. We settle for a life that isn’t fully lived. Desire is vital to living a happy, fulfilled life, but you cannot have desire without inspiration.

Here are 3 tips to find inspiration every day:

1. Today has a unique energy and potential that will never be available again. Remind yourself to not let it pass by!

Most of the time, we wake up in the morning and think it’s just another day like any other. In reality, this day is completely unique. Today’s energy, potential, and possibilities have never existed before and never will again.

Start each day with awareness of its uniqueness. Wake up every morning and remind yourself that this day is like no other. It isn’t just about seizing the day but about understanding that there is something you can only achieve today. What you can accomplish today, you will never be able to accomplish tomorrow and couldn’t have accomplished yesterday. If you miss out on an opportunity, you will never have it again. Tomorrow will have its own possibilities, but they are different than today’s.

Being mindful of the unique potential and gift of each day can help give you inspiration to make the most of every opportunity available to you.

2. Actively look for inspiration every single day. It can come from anyone and anywhere.

Too often, we wait for inspiration to find us instead of seeking it out. Or we think that only certain people are worthy of inspiring us. In truth, we can find inspiration in anything, from family and friends to challenges and difficulties, if we try hard enough. We are meant to learn from every interaction and every person – both positive and negative.

Make it a goal to find inspiration every single day. Don’t let yourself go throughout the day without inspiration. It could be from reading, studying, or talking to someone. Push yourself to see something in a new or deeper way.

Commit to finding inspiration, and you will discover it!

3. Take time to appreciate those who came before you and how they have impacted your life.

We stand on the shoulders of all those that came before us. Every aspect of our lives has been influenced by the innovations and hard work of other people, many of whom we have never met. We are all linked together.

One of the most powerful ways to motivate you forward is to look at the giants that came before you - the trailblazers and mentors that have influenced your life. Who has taught you the valuable lessons you needed to learn? Who has provided for you in invaluable ways? Remembering their legacy can help inspire you in ways that connect you to humility and responsibility. How can you touch other people, and what will your legacy be?

We are meant to live our lives bursting with inspiration and desire, but it takes commitment and effort. Don’t settle for a day without inspiration. Grab hold of the unique energy of each day, take time to appreciate the giants that came before you, and seek out inspiration in all places.

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