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Create a Vessel

Michael Berg
June 5, 2013
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We are about to enter the month of Tamuz, known as the month of Cancer. Tamuz, along with Av (Leo), and Tevet (Capricorn), is considered a “negative month.” During these three months, to put it very simply, we don’t have a buffer zone or filter for the Light. We can understand the importance of this protective shield just as we understand the importance of an ozone layer – that without one, we would be burned to a crisp.

Throughout the year, the protective shield makes it so that the amount of Light that comes into our lives is diminished to fit into our vessel. So, those who have a larger vessel receive more Light, and those who have a smaller vessel receive less Light. However, since we don’t have that shield this month, without a prepared vessel to receive the tremendous amount of Light that is revealed, short circuits, judgment, and difficulty can occur.

Yet, as we know, wherever there is an opportunity for great darkness, there is also an opportunity for great Light. The kabbalists explain that it is actually even easier to connect to and reveal the Light of the Creator in our world and lives during the month of Tamuz than in any other month. But, how do we change this month from being a month of judgment into a month of Light? The simple teaching, as the kabbalists explain, is that we have to create a vessel. And how do we create this vessel? By having desire. When a true, deep desire for a connection to the Light of the Creator is awakened this month, we can connect and reveal more Light than any other time of the year.

The secret of Tamuz is that there is Light everywhere; there is no veil over it. But in order to receive that Light, we have to create a vessel. So if we want to truly maximize the gift of this month, we have to ask ourselves one question: Is my desire for a connection to the Light of the Creator growing? Certainly, we want that Light so that we can have fulfillment in our lives and share that with others, but if we do not have a growing desire for a connection to the Light of the Creator, a growing desire to learn and understand more so that we can connect more, then this month, unfortunately, can be a very difficult month.

We certainly will not manifest the Light of Tamuz if our desire isn't growing. So we need to beg, pray, and meditate to have an ever growing desire. We need to focus on the vessel in order to receive the Light.

Rav Ashlag says, "My eyes turned to Heaven… With yearning and desire that had no end… I did not let myself rest for even one moment in the day... My heart opened up to the supernal wisdom... and began flowing like a flowing river." Every single one of us is meant to achieve that level at which our connection to the Light of the Creator is flowing like a river - but this can only be achieved if we never stop asking for an ever-growing desire, an ever-growing vessel. That is the secret of the month of Tamuz, and it is, in fact, the secret of our lives.