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Building Your Heart

Karen Berg
January 30, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

They say a house is not a home until we have someone with whom to share it. A house is just walls. Until we add our hearts, only then can it be a real home. We come to this world with nothing to our names. We are born with a clean slate. It is up to each of us to build a life and hopefully, to leave a legacy behind of our good will. Some may choose a life in which they only move from one pleasure to the next. Others choose to create a life in which they are of service to others and the world, which ultimately brings the truest fulfillment. This week, we learn to build our spiritual houses into spiritual homes. We are inspired to offer our hand to others, and in this way, we allow positive energy to flow into our own lives. The Universe beckons us to open our hearts and create a life of positivity through our own actions of goodwill and love. This week, we begin the process of becoming true channels of Light, allowing ourselves to receive endlessly the joy and happiness that is our destiny.

Our portion of the Bible this week is called Terumah. Terumah means “charity.” The Creator, after delivering the spiritual guidelines to the Israelites, now asks that they begin to implement them. The Creator asks the Israelites to begin the process of creating the spiritual vessel to house the new energy they received. The portion begins with the Creator saying, “Tell the Israelites to bring Me a contribution.” Spiritually, the Creator is asking the Israelites to begin the process of building a spiritual internal vessel so they may be able to receive His totality of Light. On a physical level, He is asking them to contribute to the building of a Tabernacle, a physical housing with various components designed to be a dwelling place for the Creator’s Light. Yet it is the very process of contributing to the building of this Tabernacle that will build their spiritual internal capacity to receive Light, joy, and fulfillment. The Tabernacle housed the Tablets, the physical manifestations of Light that the Creator sent on Mt. Sinai. It consisted of curtains, walls, courtyards, tables, candelabra, wood, gold, bronze, and silver. It was an elaborate, beautiful, and spiritual structure where the Israelites were able to draw the Life force of the Creator. The Creator knew the enormous amount of Light they were about to receive needed a vessel to contain it. He knew it was essential for the Israelites to contribute to the process of building the Tabernacle and simultaneously build their own internal vessel. With each contribution they made, they were able to receive more energy. With every instance in which they chose to give, the Creator’s energy filled their presence. Contributing, or giving, is the only way to consistently sustain the Light of the Creator and keep the positive energy in our lives. For blessings can only dwell if you make a space for them. We make this space when we contribute to the lives of others. In this way, we build our lives so that we may receive all that we were born to receive.

"The paradox of life is that when we give, we are in fact the true receivers."

Oftentimes in life, we fail to see the paradox inherent in it. In order for us to receive, we cannot simply take. Taking will only leave us feeling unsatisfied, for there is a spark of the Creator within that we were sent here to develop. The paradox of life is that when we give, we are in fact the true receivers. This week, the new moon of Pisces commences, ushering in the most elevated and spiritually advanced Light of the entire year. How do we reveal this Light? Without a vessel for it, the Light is lost. The same way that the earth glows in space, is the same way we can, too, glow in life. Without the earth pushing back the sun’s energy, the light is just lost in the blackness of space. It is in our own best interest that we create a life of service for others, and to spend it not only thinking about our own needs, but the needs of others. This service to others is the contribution that will create the vessel to receive the Creator’s Light. The spiritual tool of contribution cannot come at a more important time, for we are about to enter a 60-day window of tremendous spiritual Light. We will be entering a double month of Pisces. Pisces is the culmination of all the spiritual Light of the entire year. Terumah comes to us to teach us how to receive this Light and be elevated in the process. The Light is always working its way into our lives so that we may grow and be happy. By opening our hearts and beginning to think of the needs of others, we build our own Tabernacle within, and thus create the life of joy and happiness that we were intended to live.

This week in your meditations, build your internal vessel. See that the more you give, the more you will have. See yourself as a pure channel of Light. The Creator flows through you. With every person you meet, smile and send love their way. The more energy you receive, the more you allow it to flow through you. The more you let go, the more you shall receive. If you are open to it, contribute to this world not only with your intellect, but with your hearts and hands. You will then be able to receive more than you could ever dream possible. For we are wealthy not from the treasures we possess, but the amount in our hearts we hold dear. Our houses are only homes when we remember to share them with another. Once we make the effort to build a life in which we give to others, we will then be able to reveal the Tabernacle that has always been within.