Astrology Forecast for September 4-10, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for September 4-10, 2022

Rachel Itic
September 4, 2022
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Most of this week, we experience a First Quarter Moon—a phase during which the moon is rising and growing. Likewise, we also receive the gift of growing. That is why we are given an extra dose of willpower and decision-making savvy. The First Quarter is a time when the root begins to come out, which requires a lot of energy. It is literally going against the force of gravity. At this time of the month, we must reserve the most effort and drive for the challenges we will encounter. Here, decision-making is favored. It is worthwhile to funnel all your energy in this direction to emerge transformed since the Full Moon will soon follow, and you will be able to harvest what was sown.

This week's portion is Ki Tetze, which is a reminder that we have the spiritual strength to win the battle against our opponent. We are always at war, fighting for the right decision. This week, with the energy of the Last Quarter, we have the strength to overcome. Moshe only accepted tzadikim, the righteous, to go to war—righteous people who worked on themselves. As long as we do the spiritual work, we will be protected and come out victorious against our own negativity.

The moon comes into opposition with the sun on the 10th of the month; that is, they will be face to face. Full moons have a lot of positive energy and are a moment of balance. The sun is in the sign of Virgo, and the moon is in the sign of Pisces, bringing cosmic harmony, as we have two opposite and complementary signs in balance. The sun in Virgo has a helpful, hard-working, and responsible energy, but there is also a tendency for us to be more judgmental, critical, and analytical at this time. With the sun in Virgo, we can be very fussy, orderly, selective, and neat. We seek perfection and obsess over details. This energy suits us well before the month of Libra and the cosmic opening of Rosh Hashanah, as we are called to do teshuvah to detect and correct the transgressions we’ve made in the past year. There is no sign more qualified than Virgo to assist with this job. However, at this point, with the moon in its Pisces position, we are reminded that this process must be done with love, mercy, and compassion.

In the phase of the Full Moon, we experience a lot of brightness and exposure. We may feel more social. It is an excellent time to advertise. This moon literally puts a spotlight on us, so it can be an excellent time to hold any type of party, inauguration, or any activity that requires public attention. But this moon is also a culmination, then the moon begins to decline and lose light that it reflects from the sun. That is why beginning something new at this moment is not recommended.

This week has an excess of planets in the element of earth, which is beneficial for taking action and manifesting. It helps us ground and be more realistic, to put our feet on the ground, to be diligent and responsible, and to make commitments. We may act in a more practical and logical way. Use this energy wisely; the challenge is that there is a lack of planets in signs of water and fire, which calls us to rise above emotion. With this energy, we risk not listening to our sixth sense. We can fall into a state of rigidity and feel the burden of our duties, leaving no room for optimism. It is up to us to rise above this energy and make the effort to connect with excitement and fun and, above all, with the permission to be emotional.

Despite the rigid energy of the earth signs this week, if we make the effort, we can become adaptable and flow with the energy. We have a great presence of mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These four signs are the ones that end the climatic seasons; they are signs that have the ability to mold themselves to any situation due to their flexibility and adaptability. The problem with these signs is that sometimes it is difficult for them to take root and be faithful to what they want. The energy of mutable signs is beneficial during this week since, as we said, it softens the energy of the Earth signs.

Mercury, the planet of communication, and Mars, the planet of energy, are in harmony. Mercury in Libra helps us communicate gracefully, smoothly, and charmingly; they are diplomatic and very harmonious in their expression. Supported by Mars, this energy gives us strength, forcefulness, ability, and speed with our words. Part of the work of the month of Virgo is also smoothing things over with the people with whom we have some kind of conflict or separation. The support of these two planets acting together can help us to do this work since Mercury facilitates communication and Mars gives us that push to dare to do it.

By the beginning of this week, be cautious. It is a good time to make commitments and take responsibility. But be careful when confronting authority. By the middle of the week, we have the ability to free ourselves, break structures, and change. Social and intellectual activities are favored, although under the energy of these days, we can be colder than normal. For the weekend, there is an energy of empathy and sensitivity that will give us a break from the rational and practical energy of the week. These are favorable days for prayer and meditation and an excellent time to forgive or ask for forgiveness.

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