Astrology Forecast for September 11-17, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for September 11-17, 2022

Rachel Itic
September 11, 2022
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We are two weeks away from Rosh Hashanah. The influence of the Full Moon marks the beginning of a stage of culmination. It’s the best time to shine, as it is the moment when the sun and moon are aligned. We can expect harmony, balance, and splendor. During this period, we are more seen and project more towards the public and society. In this phase, we no longer start projects or activities; it is time to conclude.

On the 17th, we enter the last quarter phase. The last quarter of the month of Virgo is extremely important—it sets the tone for us to conclude what the New Moon began. It gives us the ability to reflect, learn, and take stock of what has happened in this past month. Think of it as an opportunity to eliminate what is not working and prepare for a new beginning. This is the best time to clean and remove what we no longer want in our closets and in our lives. It is a time of detachment and letting go. The last quarter is also good for changing and modifying habits because by removing what is not useful, we can be open to everything that the new month has for us. On this occasion, letting in the new is no small thing—it represents the beginning of a new kabbalistic year.

The month of Virgo is the last masculine month, which runs from Aries to Virgo. The seven female months roll out from here, ranging from Libra to Pisces. In the month of Libra, man (humanity) was created, and that is why every year, on the day of Creation, we are judged by our actions. As in any trial, to get out unscathed, we need a thorough review of the events we participated in during the past year. What better month to do so than the month of Virgo? In this month, we have the support we need to do the work of teshuvah, analysis, and repentance. We can open our hearts and see the mistakes we made during the year, which may have caused pain to ourselves and others. Make the most of these last few days before Rosh Hashanah to do the work of teshuvah. It is also beneficial to meditate, pray, and give donations (tzedakah) during this period leading up to Rosh Hashanah.

Regarding the planets, we do not have any changes; the energy is very similar to last week. There are many planets in earth and few planets in water, forcing us to be more loving and merciful, as well as empathetic and sensitive to ourselves and others. The element of earth is more objective, realistic, and focused on responsibility. Permission to feel is not given. The goal is to serve and be diligent. It also lacks fire, the energy of passion and optimism. When we have a lot of earth and a lack of fire, the work becomes heavy. To lighten it up, invite fun and look at things with enthusiastic eyes. That practice will help you during the week.

Mercury, the god of communication, began his third retrograde period of the year on September 9th and will continue until October 2nd. At the end of December, we will experience the fourth episode of retrogradation by this planet. When Mercury is retrograde, all the issues governed by it fail, such as: communication, expression, analysis, ingenuity, precision, logic, reason, discernment, contracts, travel, transportation, and trade, among others. During this period, we can be challenged in these matters, so patience and prevention are essential. If we are tolerant of these situations, we can have more control and feel less frustrated.

The blessing of Mercury retrograde is that the repetition of these themes is very favorable. If we re-study for the second, third, or fourth time a subject not previously understood, under the lights of this astrological moment, we will be victorious. If in the past we had a talk where no agreement was reached, in a second attempt, we can more swiftly resolve the dispute. If we read a contract a second time, we may find the errors easily and quickly. As I said before, repeating some Mercury activity more than once is beneficial.

Mercury is not the only planet in retrograde this week. In fact, we also have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Physically, when a planet is in retrograde, the planet appears to be going backwards. It is simply an optical illusion from the perspective of the observer. In reality, the planets never go backwards, they always go forward. However, energetically their retrogradation marks a karmic moment related to a second chance to be able to fix issues related to their energy. For example, Jupiter, wisdom and truth; Saturn, the authority and lessons we must learn; Uranus, change and freedom; Neptune, fantasy and illusion; and Pluto, power. Of course, we do not know how to act according to these energies, but every year we are given a second opportunity to learn from our past. So let's go with stealth and care to take advantage of this week, becoming aware of our past actions and taking advantage of the opportunity, especially (as we mentioned before) on this eve of Rosh Hashanah.

It is worth mentioning that the lunar nodes, which basically represent the tikkune, go from Scorpio to Taurus this year (where we come from and where we are going). So be careful with obsessive attitudes, control, manipulation, jealousy, envy, and revenge. In addition to not taking things too personally, look for balance. Commit to taking responsibility so you can triumph over any chaos that comes your way, not only during this week but throughout this year.

Regarding the relationship between the planets, we have more harmony than in past weeks. Although the tension is less, the pressure to change is still felt despite our resistance to do so proactively. Saturn contributes to the limitation in these changes and prevents us from assimilating them. The solution is simply to let go and flow and learn the lessons that the cosmos imposes on us.

At the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday), the moon will be positioned in Aries, which benefits vitality, enthusiasm, and energy. We seek to be active, and sport is recommended at this time. Be careful not to be too aggressive and impulsive. For Wednesday and Thursday, the moon moves into Taurus. These are excellent days for enjoyment. It is recommended that we enjoy art, a good meal, or a massage. Romance is on the surface, and we are attracted to luxury and beauty. On these days, business and the economy benefit. But beware of stubbornness—decisions made under this energy are difficult to change in the future. Finally, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we have the moon in Gemini, favoring communication that we need with a retrograde Mercury. We are more curious and versatile; any intellectual challenge will benefit during this period. We may feel more geeky and social. Be careful with your words—both what you say and how you say it, since Gemini loves to talk, and sometimes we do not pay attention to the power that our words have. Use this energy to study or learn.

This week we study the portion of Ki Tavo, which talks about blessings and curses. This portion, like the one in Bechukotai, touches on the same theme. The difference is that in Bechukotai, the curses and blessings are directed in the plural, towards the people, and in Ki Tavo, it is in the singular. This means that, upon entering Israel, the Creator takes into account the transgressions of an individual to judge the entire nation. We are responsible for our actions, and these also affect others, that is why consciousness begins with personal change and by doing so, we are responsible for the entire world. The people became one and are judged as one. May the energy of the month of Virgo and the last quarter available this week help us to see our negativity in order to transform it before Rosh Hashanah. With the help of the entire world, we can have a better verdict for the following year. Let's not forget that every spiritual action we do impacts everything around us.

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