Astrology Forecast for October 3-9, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for October 3-9, 2021

Rachel Itic
October 3, 2021
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This week, we will experience two different cycles of the moon. From September 28th to October 6th, we will be in the Last Quarter—a period of endings, which requires analysis and reflection about the month that is about to end. The gift is in learning and taking stock of what we have lived during this stage. We have an opportunity to discard and eliminate everything that does not serve us. These are days to release, cleanse, and purify our behaviors and attitudes in regard to our relationships, our physical body, and our spaces. Get to work and put an end to that which no longer has a positive purpose in your life. At this stage, any detoxification and cleansing procedure will be favorable.

In addition, this time invites us to look to the future and plan our next month. Many times the New Moon arrives and takes us by surprise or goes unnoticed. It is not enough to connect with the energy of Rosh Chodesh, we need to prepare ourselves to know what seeds we want to plant on this day. The same ability to analyze and reflect that we used in order to see where we failed in the month that is ending can also help us to identify opportunities for improvement to make our next cycle different.

The month of Libra is ending—the first female month, according to Kabbalah. The masculine months go from Aries (Nissan) to Virgo (Elul) and represent the potential state. From this period, everything that was kept at the seed level during the masculine months will begin to manifest. In Libra, we were given the unique opportunity to modify the seeds, to remove judgment from our life, and from our building year through our consciousness and our connection. Let us not lose sight of the fact that Libra is the month of relationships, of harmony between the parties, where grace reigns ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is full of charm and balance, so in these last days, take advantage of diplomacy to solve a conflict that you could not solve before. These days still offer us a great opportunity.

From Sunday the 3rd until October 6th, we are in a New Moon, or Rosh Chodesh. A new 28-day lunar cycle begins, and we can take complete control by adding the correct consciousness to it. We can prepare for the challenges that lie ahead and connect with the benefits and virtues of this new period. To get the most out of it, we must understand the energy of the new cycle that the moon is going to go through. The planets emanate energy, and the signs are the filters that set the tone for it. As we mentioned, in the month of Libra, all of us, regardless of our sign, are likely to feel more cooperative, seek alliances, be complicit, and seek diplomacy, balance, and harmony. Now, this new cycle is under the influence of the sign of Scorpio and, believe me, we are all going to feel this energetic change. Libra, an air sign, is intellectual, communicative, and emotionally and socially detached. The energy abruptly changes to Scorpio, which is a water sign and internally represents the left column of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Although its cover is made of water, internally, it contains the energy of fire. With Scorpio, emotionality is at its height, and we can act in radical and extreme ways. There is a lack of balance as this change from Libra to Scorpio falls on us like a bucket of cold water.

As we said before, to make the best of the month, we must understand the energy of the sign. Scorpio is a sign of intensity and magnetism, with great desire. It is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of war, which represents battle, anger, and willpower. Not for nothing is his symbol the famous arachnid—always ready to attack when he feels at risk or in danger, even if it costs him his own life. He has an impressive willpower that leads him to make great transformations and radical changes. It is a tenacious sign with great strength, which empowers you to achieve what you set out to do.

In modern astrology, Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio, which leads him to be intense and destructive, with a desire to dominate others. Somehow this energy helps the scorpion to control pressure, chaos, and conflict like no other sign—like fish in the water. They have a great capacity to confront and solve problems; unfortunately, many times, they are the ones who cause crises. The complementary opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus, a sign that represents stability and security but also possessiveness. Both signs encourage us to learn from and trust in the Light (Taurus, on a material level, and Scorpio, on an emotional level).

Scorpio is a water sign; it is sensitive and emotional. However, it is difficult for him to show that sensitivity. A scorpion is not likely to be vulnerable or show its feelings. As a good water sign, it has a very psychic part and a very acute sixth sense, and when it uses this energy in a spiritual way, it can be one of the most elevated signs of the Zodiac. Their ability to feel and capture everything around them is impressive, which makes them great psychologists and psychics. This ability can lead them both to connect directly with the Higher Worlds and to fall into negative and destructive thoughts that can lead them to the worst scenarios. They may be thinking about a situation and imagining things that are out of reality; it is for this reason and because of their intuitive abilities that they can tend to be fearful.

In this month, take advantage of the emotional and spiritual sensitivity, psyche, magnetism, desire for intimacy, and the ability to create radical changes. And remember to watch out for control, manipulation, jealousy, envy, and revenge.

Do not forget that Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde, which causes that area of ​​our life to be confusing and unclear. There is a tendency to make mistakes and have misunderstandings. Traffic becomes more acute at this time, and there can be problems with our means of transportation and communication. Patience and tolerance are recommended. This energy goes from September 27th to October 18th.

This week, from Sunday through Tuesday, the energy is very beneficial for planning any activity that requires analysis, order, precision, and detail. We are open to serving others. It is an ideal time to do deep cleaning and also to start any treatment indicated to improve health and to change habits. For Wednesday and Thursday, we will have the ideal time to nurture our relationships. These days we enjoy tact and a good disposition. We seek harmony and stability, as everything beautiful attracts us. For Friday and Saturday, the emotions are very intense and passionate; we have a lot of vitality. Sensuality and seduction are on the surface. You have to be careful with issues of control, jealousy, and envy. They are favorable days to do things that require discretion; research and radical changes are encouraged.

The portion of the week is Noah, which contains the story of the flood, which demonstrates another aspect of the water element—that of destruction. This portion presses us to change, just as the month of Scorpio, ruled by the same element, presses us to transform ourselves.

During this month, we have the assistance of Rachel the Matriarch and Rabbi Avraham Azulai.

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