Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2021

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2021

Miriam Ashkenazi
November 3, 2021
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Manifest Your Vision

“Your ability to transform from a place of reactivity to one of sharing will determine the amount of miracles that you’ll witness in this month.” – Rav Berg, Kabbalistic Astrology

What a powerful month! Every year, the New Moon of Sagittarius brings a powerful energy. It happens to always fall during a very festive time full of holidays and celebrations. Full of Light and enlightenment, Sagittarius is a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, a symbol of abundance and good fortune. This energy is available for all of us, but as Rav Berg shared with us, we need to unlock it. Our actions and consciousness will determine how much of this energy is accessible for us in the upcoming month.

Let’s see what the cosmos is setting up for us in the coming weeks, so we can learn how to tap into this powerful Sagittarian energy.

The beginning of the month starts with a conjunction between the moon and Mars, and then the Moon opposing Uranus. At the get-go, the first message for us is to be careful of complacency. If you have recently grown too complacent in your security, it’s a time for proactive change. For those of us who constantly push for spiritual growth, we know that change is inevitable. The question is, are we going to be the ones that initiate change in our lives, or will change be forced upon us?

The cosmic message at the beginning of the month is, make a proactive step towards changing aspects of your life where you have become too complacent. This energy prepares us for a very strong, uplifting, and transformative cosmic opportunity that takes place in the middle of the month. This energy can affect all of us, but of course, it can also support each of us individually in our own personal life journey.

The planet Jupiter (the ruler of this month) faces some challenging aspects with the moon, sun, and Mercury triggering a release of long-hidden information. On Friday, November 19th, we’ll experience a lunar eclipse in Taurus. This powerful combination can help end a dishonest situation. At the same time, we receive a gift from the universe, as the planet Venus forms a soft and positive aspect to Uranus. This allows the energy of mercy, competition, and forgiveness to arise all at the same time.

This is a very unique and powerful combination. Typically, we experience a harsh energy, and we need to learn how to handle and balance it. But here, the universe provides us both at the same time, helping us to have the courage needed to disconnect from what doesn’t serve us anymore (this could be a controlling or stagnant relationship or work environment). But at the same time, awakening positive energy can allow us to mend the rifts quicker than usual. This energy keeps showing up throughout the whole week of November 15th—first to reveal lies and manipulation and then to help those who’ve been deceived to regain a sense of power and strength.

On November 22nd, the sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius, as well, which allows us to feel and experience the Light that is available for us this month as we head into the miraculous time of Chanukah. We will experience eight days of powerful opportunities to turn on more Light in our lives and bring more miracles into our lives and into the entire world.

One last cosmic opportunity that is important to mention takes place on November 29th as the planet Mars creates a powerful aspect with Neptune and the moon with Saturn. This amazing formation helps us manifest all our visions and dreams, have clarity on our goals and missions, and gain energy and strength so we may feel everything is possible! Believe in yourself and your power to create any reality that you desire to manifest this month!

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