Astrology Forecast for the Month of Capricorn 2021

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Capricorn 2021

Batsheva Shouster
December 2, 2021
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True Spiritual Work

“He crowned the letter beitin life and knotted for him a crown and created Saturn in the world, Sunday in the year, and the right eye in the soul.” – Abraham the Patriarch, The Book of Formation

The month of Capricorn is controlled by the planet Saturn, the ruler of karma. In conventional astrology, we learn that Saturn is a malefic planet. The Book of Formation teaches us that Saturn is an upper planet that doesn’t care about the matters of this physical world. Because of that, it destroys whatever is too materialistic. It also controls negative matters like poverty, worry, bad advice, or anything that instills fear. However, The Book of Formation adds that Saturn is also in charge of wisdom and perseverance. When a person is consistent in their true spiritual work, when the time comes, Saturn will raise them up and support them.

Saturn appears in our astrology chart where we experience delays, according to the sign, house, and aspects. But because Saturn is also in charge of perseverance, once we understand the message Saturn gives us, we can open our hearts and allow space for the flow of blessings to enter our lives. We can then experience joy and harmony. Any delays happen as an opportunity for us to become more aware or try a different approach.

In the birth chart of the month of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is in the sign of Aquarius. Here, Saturn teaches us the power of teamwork and how to truly empower people. Aquarius is an air sign—social, a believer in world peace, social rights, and equal opportunity. But Aquarius tells us we need to experience things rather than simply think about them.

The North Node energy we want to embrace is still in Gemini until January 19th, when it moves to Taurus. We can use it to embrace the message of Saturn because Gemini is about seeing the Light in every detail of the universe. There is truth and validation for every person that exists, and each of us has something to teach.

Saturn is challenged by Uranus, the rebel planet, in Taurus. While Saturn tries to keep the law and the organization in the universe, Uranus comes and breaks everything. In the last year and a half, we saw how Uranus broke familiar systems once considered stable. When Uranus is in a challenging aspect with any of the planets, then something will change; something will break, and a different system will be applied. Uranus questions authority—politicians, those who make decisions, whether one is a president, movie star, celebrity, or bank teller. We are all human with one simple desire to connect to the Light force of the Creator, the source of all blessings.

On the New Moon, we still experience the strong energy of Sagittarius, something that can help us in the gloomy days of Capricorn to stay positive and move forward. The month of Tevet, Capricorn, is one of the three months in the year typically thought of as negative, meaning a time when the spiritual filter that usually protects us is concealed this month. This can be good or bad, depending on how we use it. My teacher, Karen Berg, said that Capricorn is the most spiritual sign in the Zodiac. By tapping into the ability to manifest positive things, we can connect to that spiritual power.

Capricorn is an earth sign of manifestation. The internal energy of Capricorn is water, which symbolizes sensitivity and empathy towards others. When those two powers are combined for good, Saturn elevates the individual. In this month, our job is to allow things to flow without becoming obsessed about them—to share unconditionally, not because it is a business deal or because we are awaiting something in return, but just to share from a place of power and alignment with the unconditional sharing energy of the Creator. This month, don’t try to make everything work precisely according to the rules. Open up your heart to the circuitry in the universe. Gently tap into your heart and breathe into it. Imagine your heart is the most beautiful flower opening and blooming with your breath.

Few important events to keep in mind:

  • Venus in Capricorn conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn on December 11th at 25°– Be careful of becoming too emotionally extreme. Understand that our emotions do not show us the true teacher in a situation. Be careful not to end relationships just because of the heat of the moment. When you choose to let go of hurt and resentment, you might feel like you are dying, but it is actually an amazing, fresh, new beginning.
  • Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 18th– Venus is not so happy in Capricorn. It is time to review the practicality of our relationships and consider what is sustaining and what is lasting. Capricorn is rigid and harsh. Venus is the female energy of pleasure and love (also the energy of the moon). All kinds of issues can arise like equal rights, recognition, and so on. For a while, Venus will conjunct Pluto because it will go back and forth again. This is definitely not an easy time, but it is great for reflection, introspection, and understanding.
  • On December 29th, Jupiter moves to Pisces– This will bring spiritual growth, enlightenment, empathy, and love.

Have a great month!

New Moon Parents Guide: Capricorn 2021

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