Astrology Forecast for the Month of Cancer 2022

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Cancer 2022

Miriam Ashkenazi
June 27, 2022
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Embrace the Energy of Healing

Here we are again! Year after year, cycle after cycle, we are given an opportunity to maximize supportive cosmic elements and overcome the potentially challenging ones.

In Kabbalah, the month of Cancer is considered to be one of the three most intense months of the year. The sign of Cancer is ruled solely by the moon; therefore, it projects all of the same energetic attributes.

The moon is a dependable object in our universe, constantly revolving around the earth and projecting the light of the sun (the moon doesn’t have light of its own). From our view on Earth, the moon is constantly changing; every night, it shows us a different phase. In the month of Cancer, we are all affected by the intense Cancerian and lunar forces. Moodiness and neediness can show up in different aspects of our lives. But at the same time, the abundance of water that comes with the moon in Cancer can help all of us to be more sensitive and nurturing to others and our environment. It's really up to us to activate the cosmic energies that are available.

So, what is happening in the skies this month of Cancer in 2022? During the first week of the month, there are a few harsh aspects that can come as a strong slap in the face if we are not prepared to handle them proactively. Jupiter and Mars in Aries form challenging aspects to Pluto and the sun. These strong placements of planets in Aries might feel too pushy and forceful to those of us used to taking things slow.

Some of us want to feel completely safe and secure before moving forward. In the month of Cancer, we might feel like running back home into our shells or giving up on a new endeavor. The fast pace and unknown outcomes can be scary. But hold on! Don’t give up so easily! Let this first week pass, and when those challenging cosmic waves pass and Mars moves into Taurus (on July 5th), you will feel clear to move ahead and make smarter decisions that affect the future. The energies are shifting to become more grounded and less fidgety.

From July 11th until July 14th, we will experience a powerful connection between Venus and Saturn. The energy of those two planets is very needed and appreciated in a month full of emotion and potential instability. Both planets form a connection that our relationships with others can benefit from. Think: your ability to work with others, understand where they are coming from, and be understood, as well. At the same time, since Neptune is coming into the mix with a challenging approach, we want to avoid digging too deep within ourselves or following a desire to separate from others.

In the month of Cancer, we have one of the most powerful shabbats of the year: Shabbat Pinchas or the Shabbat of healing. This year Shabbat Pinchas falls on July 16th. It is not a coincidence that, on this date, there is also a beautiful aspect between the sun, Mercury, and Neptune (all in water signs), which allows the energy of healing (especially mental and emotional) to embrace us.

The month of Cancer ends with Jupiter in Aries, turning retrograde for the upcoming five and a half months. This retrograde will give all of us the opportunity to reflect and reevaluate our desires. This can allow us to reconnect to who we truly are and what we truly want to do and accomplish—a great beginning for the upcoming month of Leo, the month of the sun, the Light, and the essence of our soul.

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