Astrology Forecast for May 21-27, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for May 21-27, 2023

Rachel Itic
May 21, 2023
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In order to talk about the energy of the week, we have to watch the sky and its vast space with sidereal bodies—those stars that, whether we know it or not, influence our lives constantly and whose position and interrelationship impact us individually and collectively. These bodies are like great magnets that pull on us in infinite ways. By trying to understand their great power and influence on us, we can gain a better understanding of our life and its events in terms of both challenges and opportunities. Kabbalistic astrology is a great guide for us, but we must not forget that this knowledge is not so we can fold our hands and let the cosmos control us. Rather, as our teacher Rav Berg tells us, it is so we can decide how we want to live this energy. So, let's see the astrological weather of the week.

We have Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus in Taurus, an earth sign that will have great cosmic weight. Therefore, even though the sun, with its great importance, is already in Gemini, we are going to feel more of the Taurine influence with its characteristic sensation of heaviness. Let's remember that we are talking about a rigid sign with square and traditionalist ideas, slow movements, and possessing great stubbornness. However, the sign is also hardworking, committed, responsible, and romantic. The bull knows the joys and pleasures of life, and this energy, both the challenges and virtues, will continue to accompany us.

On the other hand, we have an agglomeration of planets in water. Venus is in Cancer, and both Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces. These positions in water give us sensitivity, the ability to connect with our emotions, and greater intuition. The best thing is that there is consonance between these planets, in addition to the fact that the combination of water and earth is complementary. So, we are seeing a sky that benefits above all the signs of earth and water. Although the same is not true of fire and air signs, in general, we will all enjoy this harmonic energy.

Let's talk about the sun in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius (both air signs). This situation brings a counterweight to the energetic superiority of the planets in signs of earth and water. Gemini pushes us to think, to connect with the world of ideas, and to communicate. It is a sign that adapts and is flexible. In addition, it is cold and calculating and does not get caught up in emotions. Its lightness and flexibility favorably offset the energy of earth and water, and these qualities will be available to all of us. Gemini is the sign of the Zodiac that best communicates, and during this period, we need to be careful to use our words correctly since we can talk too much, not enough, be scattered, or fall into gossip, etc. Take advantage of the blessing of communication to express productive and positive things.

Continuing with the theme of the elements, we only have Mars in a Fire sign, which is no small feat, since that sign is Leo. With this position, we have the archetype of the Warrior King. In astrology, Mars represents war and the warrior—symbols of confrontation, aggressiveness, willpower, and desire. In the sign of Leo, this character is strengthened, so if we manage to align ourselves with this energy during this period, we can achieve success and triumph.

Although achieving our goals and crowning ourselves are gifts that are available right now, we need to remain alert since the combination of the ram and the lion can also bring a charge of dictatorial and authoritarian aggressiveness. Be cautious of a tendency to win over others at all costs, to close ourselves off from listening to others, and giving orders. It is important that under this influence, we develop the conscience to seek to be more kind and humble instead of demanding.

Despite all the harmony that the feminine signs of water and earth bring us, there is tension between Mars in Leo, Pluto in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Taurus. The combination between Mars and Pluto is strong because the latter wants to control the red planet of war. When both are involved in an astrological configuration, they can bring abuse of power, and Jupiter magnifies this energy. The solution is personal work to develop humility, tolerance, and flexibility. This will help us to go through the road in a smoother way and to focus on building instead of destroying.

We are in the last days of the Omer, which always coincides with the arrival of the Gemini New Moon. We can already feel a fresher and less heavy energy. The judgment of these last weeks is sweetened. The New Moon always brings us new opportunities and beginnings, and it is no coincidence that on May 25th, we celebrate Shavuot. Since Pesach, we have been building a new vessel to contain all the Light that will be revealed on this important holiday. The process of these 49 days was not easy, and probably many of us were broken more than once, but this only happens because we need a bigger vessel to contain all the Light that is available. After these 49 days, the time has come to receive the Light of immortality, and from this moment on, everything feels different.

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