Astrology Forecast for March 27-April 2, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for March 27-April 2, 2022

Rachel Itic
March 27, 2022
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We start the week with the moon in the waning quarter, which began on March 25th and ends on March 30th. The energy of this moon invites us to reflect, analyze, and learn with the purpose of taking stock of our lives. This period allows us to see our mistakes and our failures more closely. If we take advantage of this last quarter phase, we can get to the seed of our negativity and have a greater understanding of it. These are days for endings since in this period, we prepare for the New Moon. This time it is the New Moon of Aries, which lasts from March 31st to April 8th. On April 1st and 2nd, we have the exact conjunction between the sun and the moon—days known as Rosh Chodesh or the “head of the month” in Kabbalah.

In Kabbalah, the New Moon of Aries begins the month of Nissan. On this day, we find the seed, not only of this month but of the entire year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it contains all the energy of the desire to receive. If we change our egoistic desires and direct them positively towards the desire to connect with the Light of the Creator and to do our spiritual work, we will gain the energy to overcome negativity; we will manage to be above the forces of chaos and suffering. Planets in each sign offer an energy that is neither good nor bad; it is up to us to have the wisdom to choose how to use it.

Rosh Chodesh Nissan is of great importance, especially in its first 12 days. Each day represents a sign: day 1 represents the energy of Aries; day 2 represents that of Taurus; day 3 represents that of Gemini; on day 4, that of Cancer; on the 5th, that of Leo; on the 6th, that of Virgo; on the 7th, that of Libra; on the 8th, that of Scorpio; on the 9th, that of Sagittarius; on the 10th, that of Capricorn; on the 11th, that of Aquarius; on the 12th, that of Pisces.

Somehow, to a greater or lesser degree, we all have some of the positive and negative aspects of the signs, and during these 12 days, we can see it and work on controlling it. This is how we will impact every month of the entire year. The twelve days are also a preparation for the Full Moon of the month of Nissan when the sun is in Aries, and the moon is in Libra. This moon is known in Kabbalah as the cosmic opening of Passover, a window that gives us the opportunity to remove our seed-level negativity and frees us from the chaos created by our egos.

On the other hand, the sun is in Aries, which is an excellent position for it since both Aries and Leo (the signs ruled by the great luminary) are fire signs and have many meeting points. In fact, Aries is the second-best sign for the sun. From this position, we live an intense energy of leadership and competition. This sun pushes us to be more active, daring, and dynamic while promoting the pioneer in each of us. It gives us a lot of strength, but at the same time, it can push us to be reactive, impulsive, selfish, and somewhat aggressive.

The next 28 days we will feel a strong energy of Aries since the sun and the lunar cycle are under this influence. Also, Mercury joins them on the 27th. In my opinion, having planets in fire signs contributes to the astrological climate. In the last few months, we saw little of this energy. Fire brings passion, intensity, dynamism, enthusiasm, courage, and leadership. With Mercury in Aries, we have to take care of the way we express ourselves and speak. We can sound confrontational, aggressive, and impulsive; it is important to make us aware of our words. We can easily get into fights and conflicts.

During this week, the energy per element is fire, air, and water, which creates a balance. However, there is a lack of land, so logic and objectivity are lacking on a practical level. The strength of the earth provides us with stability, structure, and roots. Said influence is of the utmost importance during this year since the North Node is in Taurus. The North Node marks our mission for the annual period and suggests that we not fall into hyper-emotionality, manipulation, and the need for control.

When we follow the passage of the moon through the signs, we can see the nuance that differentiates each day. At the beginning of the week, we have an energy that invites us to free ourselves and break with routines. It is an excellent time to assimilate changes and exercise our uniqueness. We may feel more social. Watch out for rebellious behavior. In the middle of the week, meditation and prayer are recommended. We are going to be more emotional and sentimental. Be careful not to be evasive. By the weekend, we will feel great energy and vitality with the desire to do things. Though, be careful not to be impulsive.

Take advantage of everything this week has for you.


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