Astrology Forecast for March 20-26, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for March 20-26, 2022

Rachel Itic
March 20, 2022
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The great luminary, the sun, is now in Aries, an excellent position. The sun in Aries gives us vitality, courage, energy, and a taste for leadership, which helps us to be more daring, dynamic, and pioneering. On the other hand, it gives us the tendency to be more aggressive, impatient, and impulsive. Aries is the restless and tactical warrior with a thirst for conquest. It is represented by the ram, one of the most selfish animals in the zodiac. It has the ability to overcome obstacles and rocky terrain, showing initiative and courage. Aries leads us to the desire to receive for ourselves, but if this energy is well-directed, it can lead us to embrace a genuine desire for the Light and fight for that connection to develop our willpower.

This energy is already available cosmically, although we are still in Adar Bet, that is, the second kabbalistic cycle of Pisces. Both signs have very different energies. For starters, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and Aries is the first one. The fish is sensitive, empathetic, and spiritual but doubts its strength. He is shy, introverted, and often lacks both willpower and courage. This week we have access to both energies. Used wisely, we can have the strength, courage, and desire of Aries to achieve our purposes and connect with the Light of the Creator, but with the subtlety and empathy towards others that Pisces brings. We definitely have a great opportunity this week to be brave in our spirituality. Seize it.

This week, we experience the energy of the Full Moon, which began on March 18th and ends on March 24th. This energy is very beneficial—an energy of balance and completeness, where the moon reaches the highest point in relation to the sun. This position denotes energy of culmination, during which it is not beneficial to start any project. At this point, the sun and the moon are face to face, and from this place, the satellite is filled with light and reflects all the energy of the star. It is a moment of splendor and brilliance. During this period, social events, launches, publications, and exhibitions of any kind are greatly benefited. This moon brings success.

From March 25th to 31th, we will be in the Last Quarter, when the moon begins to descend, reaching its last days under the influence of Pisces. The moment invites us to be reflective, to realize our mistakes, and to be able to analyze what we can do better in the coming month. It is a period of endings, of purging everything that did not work for us, and cleaning it up. That is why spiritual and physical release and detoxifications work so well during this period. It is time to make room for what follows. This week, we prepare for the New Moon of Aries, a moon of great importance because it marks the beginning of a new annual cycle. The first 12 days of Aries represent the 12 signs of the zodiac, and how we live each of these days will define how the energy of the next 12 months will manifest. In Kabbalah, we know that Aries is the first male month. Its importance is extremely relevant and that is why during this Last Quarter, we should take the opportunity to visualize what we want from this month, what seeds we want to plant.

Regarding astrological climate, we have one planet in fire, two planets in earth, three planets in air, and three planets in water. As we can see, air and water have the highest score and dominance during this week. The three planets in air are in Aquarius, which gives us access to great ideas, helps us to be curious and objective. The three water planets are in Pisces, which helps us to connect with the supernal realms and invites us to feel, to be empathetic, and to merge with everything. As we can see, the ability to be practical and to manifest (which the earth brings), and the enthusiasm and drive (which fire brings), is lacking. We can have great ideas, a deep understanding of complex concepts, deep revelations, and reach an epiphany of life, but without the capacity for manifestation. For this reason, I recommend we write down any ideas that arise so we can make them materialize later when the astrological climate changes, and we have more planets in earth and fire.

This week, beware of resistance to change, rigidity, and stubbornness. At the beginning of the week, sensitivity is heightened; we can be very intense and passionate. Beware of envy, jealousy, revenge, resentment, and manipulation. Activities that require discretion are favored. It is a good time to meditate and receive messages. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we will have an injection of enthusiasm and optimism. These days open us to the desire for adventure and travel. It’s an excellent time to study, philosophize, open our vision of the world, and, above all, celebrate. If possible, spend time outdoors as it will be very beneficial. Friday is a day when work will be favored—create structures and plan how to reach our goals. Friday and Saturday are days of more seriousness and prudence; it is not recommended to confront authorities. Follow the rules and be more cautious. For Sunday, the astrological climate suggests we break with routines to feel more free and independent. Everything innovative is beneficial. It’s a good day for altruistic work, such as volunteering or helping in a cause, or simply socializing and being in groups. Be careful not to be too rebellious, erratic, or unconventional.

The portion of the week is Shmini, which describes the inauguration of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle. It is one of the moments of greatest revelation of Light, wholeness, and happiness. In turn, it also speaks of the death of Aaron's two sons: Nadav and Avihu. Aaron was able to see the blessing behind this tragedy: the evolution and reincarnation of these two very high souls, thanks to their certainty and connection with the Light, as well as their constant work and spiritual growth. That is the gift this week: with all the elements in Pisces, we can connect with the spiritual vision that comes from our soul. This vision shows us the real world without the illusory layer, with the connection and complete certainty in the Light that everything is good. Take advantage of this energy to open your spiritual vision.


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