Astrology Forecast for March 13-19, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for March 13-19, 2022

Rachel Itic
March 13, 2022
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We are in the second month of Pisces, also called Adar Bet. In this period, the Piscean energy is felt in a much more intense way than in the first one, Adar Alef. This time, the lunar cycle or Rosh Chodesh began with the conjunction of the sun and the moon in the sign of Pisces. This is in contrast to last year when in Adar Alef (said conjunction) was under the energy of the previous sign, Aquarius. This is why we still feel the energy of the previous month. Even though the kabbalistic cycle kicked off the vibration of the month of Pisces, much of the influence of Aquarius still occurs. From now on, these conjunctions, called New Moons, are aligned with the kabbalistic cycle, and we will feel the energy of each new month much more strongly since both Rosh Chodesh and the New Moon will be aligned to the same sign. It should be noted that Rosh Chodesh is determined under a kabbalistic equation, based on information from Jerusalem to determine the birth of a new lunar cycle, and is almost always aligned with the conjunction of the sun and the moon.

Additionally, this month contains the full manifestation of every aspect of Adar, as Adar Alef only gives us access to a small part of its gifts. One of the most notable energies is that of the cosmic window of Purim—a connection that links us to the world of certainty—where the energy of good and evil merge and we cannot tell the difference. The only important thing is the certainty that everything is good because everything comes from the Creator. Pisces itself is a direct bridge to the Upper Worlds, as it is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter expands our consciousness and opens our horizons, and Neptune is the planet of fantasy, daydreams, and illusion. It opens the door for us to be able to enter those unknown universes and that 99% reality.

Both planets can take us to either a sublime world or to the world of excesses, addictions, and lack of self-limitation where the tendency is to evade reality. This propensity is latent during the month and is what we must be careful of because we can lose the gift and promise of Pisces, which is to remove the barriers of the physical world and merge to be one with the Creator. Hence the phrase, “He who enters the month of Adar will be full of happiness because in Adar we merge with the Creator. We are certain that everything is for our good, and from this awareness, we will always be connected to happiness.” This year, Purim will be celebrated on Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th. It is important to note that both Jupiter and Neptune, rulers of Pisces, are in their sign this year, giving the cycle much more strength. This aspect also accentuates the fact that we are going to see much more openness to spirituality and art and be more empathetic towards the pain of others.

As for the lunar cycles, from the 13th to the 17th, we are in the first quarter phase, which is still an excellent energy for beginnings, like starting a project, for instance. Above all, it is a time to grow, resolve, make decisions, and push things to happen. We enjoy great willpower—take advantage of this impulse! On the 18th and 19th, we have a Full Moon, which is why the beginnings are not recommended, as it is rather a moment of culmination, an excellent time to shine, succeed, and be recognized. Full moons are the best periods to hold events. This moon is also excellent for relationships, the public and the social. Let us remember that additionally, this month in the Full Moon, we have the energy of Purim.

Until the 29th, we will feel the full Piscean influence because, as we have already explained, we are in the second month of Adar, whose energy is much more intense, and also because we have the sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces. From this date, the sun enters Aries, and this astrological movement will make a difference in how we are going to feel in our state of mind. The sun in Aries will bring strength, vitality, energy, and the desire to do things, to be active. It pushes us to fight and be competitive, more impulsive and aggressive, and also to take leadership, to be more dynamic, and to be more daring. In recent months we have experienced a lack of the fire element, which brings intuition, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and optimism. Since we have so many planets in water, this element is going to give us a big boost of much-needed energy.

As for the nuance of the days of the week marked by the passage of the moon through the signs, on Monday the 14th, Tuesday the 15th, and Wednesday the 16th, the moon is in Leo. Under this influence, we need recognition and to be admired. These are days that benefit romance. We are very active, and we feel important; these are days to show willingness and generosity. Be careful not to be too bossy and proud. On Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th, the moon is in Virgo. Beware of being too demanding, critical, analytical, or judgmental; use this energy for something good. It is an excellent period to clean or any activity that requires detail and order. For Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th, we have the moon in Libra. These are days to seek companionship, work as a team, give support, and help others, as well as nurture any relationship. It benefits grace, harmony, and beauty.

This week we have the conjunction of Mars-Venus in Aquarius, where we have two opposite concepts. Venus is love, affection, grace, and beauty, while Mars is war, confrontation, vitality, and virility. Together they potentiate their energies. This conjunction can bring harmony, balance, and a sense of wholeness if we flow and cooperate. If, on the other hand, we are stubborn and rigid and want things our way without taking the other into account, this same energy can collide and give a feeling of dissatisfaction. Venus represents love, which gives us stronger emotions and deeper sensitivity during this period in matters of affection and love. With Mars by our side, we can feel cold, even become aggressive or impulsive. In this framework, be careful how you use this energy.

This week's portion is Tzav, which is connected to the astral energy of the week. This portion speaks of the kohanim, the priests, the labor of Aaron and his sons. In this portion, we see a very Piscean spiritual connection with the Creator, such as Moshe's prayers for his brother Aaron to be forgiven for participating in the event of the golden calf. We are shown the greatness and power of asking for others—to feel their pain and have empathy. This is the cosmic gift of the week: the ability to connect with the Creator, to work on our spirituality, and to feel for others. This is the halo of Piscean energy that surrounds us this week.


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