Astrology Forecast for December 26, 2021- January 1, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for December 26, 2021- January 1, 2022

Rachel Itic
December 26, 2021
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Last week, the Sun entered the sign of Capricorn, magnifying the energy. This month of Tevet, as it is called in Hebrew, is a time of seriousness and prudence, where responsibility, duty, and commitment reign. We have the ability to work, plan, structure, and specify our objectives. It is a period in which decision-making is favored, and we are willing to make an effort to achieve success.

This is the best month to manifest and consolidate. However, in this month, emotions are put aside and repressed. We may find it difficult to be warm, loving, and merciful. From the kabbalistic perspective, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet furthest from the sun. The star of the rings is the last one visible to the naked eye (it can be seen without a telescope). Its distance from the sun indicates its coldness, which is manifested in the characteristics of the sign. Furthermore, Saturn is the planet that delimits the solar system, according to Kabbalah. That is why it is known as the star that restricts and cuts. And this is how Capricorn manifests itself: cold and limiting, rigid and structured. The task for all of us during this month is to inject love, compassion, softness, and flexibility into our lives.

As for the lunar phases, from Sunday, December 26th, until January 2nd, the moon will be in the Last Quarter, a time to close and end. Time to conclude what began on the New Moon. It is also a good time to reflect, learn, and take stock of what happened. This lunar phase invites us to eliminate, cleanse, purify, and release what we no longer need or does not serve us. These actions will help us create the space we need to receive the New Moon of Aquarius on January 2nd. So use these days wisely.

Under this phase, our power of analysis and reflection is very good, not only to get rid of what does not serve us and does not do us good but to plan and prepare for new beginnings. The seed that you plant in the New Moon has to do with the month that is beginning—in this case, Aquarius. So look at what areas of ​​your life need more freedom. Where do you need to revolutionize, reveal yourself, or change? Identify in which area of ​​your life you need to seek equality, in which area of ​​your life you need to progress, innovate, and look to the future? Where do you need to release ties? Shevat is the best month to carry out these actions.

Due to the energy of the Last Quarter, this week is not the best time to start new endeavors, despite the fact that January 1st is the first day of the year and considered a perfect time to set intentions and plant seeds for what we want to manifest in 2022. Rather, wait until January 2nd—a more ideal time to start new things as this time is accompanied by the energy of the New Moon.

On December 23rd, the lunar nodes change. The North Node goes from Gemini to Taurus and the South Node, from Sagittarius to Scorpio. This energy will accompany us until July 2023. The lunar nodes are the points where the orbit of the Earth intersects with the orbit of the moon. Energetically, they represent where we come from and where we are going. The North Node brings us contacts, benefits, profit, and growth. It shows us the mission and the path. Being in Taurus and putting the bullfighting characteristics into practice benefits us. Based on this principle, the attitudes that we should activate are: seriousness, stability, determination, perseverance, and patience. But don’t forget about enjoyment, pleasure, and beauty! With the North Node in Taurus, we can reflect on our relationship with money, our ability to generate resources, and on our material values. On the other hand, the South Node represents losses, dissatisfaction, separation, conflict, excess, and patterns of habits. Being in Scorpio, the invitation is to pay attention to resentments, obsession, manipulation, jealousy, control, and emotionality. These ways lead us to losses. With this context, we can conclude that part of this year's mission is to seek stability.

On January 1st, Mercury enters Aquarius. This is a good position for the fast planet, the star of communication and mental activity. Being in Aquarius, Mercury can communicate in an innovative, avant-garde, and futuristic way. We can see manifestations of equality, freedom, and revolution. Mercury in Aquarius feels free to express himself; you just have to be careful not to be too radical during this period, plus we can become very cold in our communication.

One of the most important movements of the year happens this week: the entry of Jupiter into Pisces on December 28th. Jupiter entered Aquarius in December of 2020, which benefited and gave us the experience of being more humanistic, altruistic, and intellectual. Thanks to this aspect, the utopia of a better world and social welfare began to be seen as a possible reality. Jupiter accompanied Saturn during this year and will now continue in Aquarius to consolidate social structures, as it has been doing for the past year. Jupiter is strengthened by entering Pisces and joins Neptune, who is also strengthened in this sign. Jupiter in Pisces will favor us by expanding spirituality, empathy, mercy, piety, and our ability to give. Pisces seeks to merge souls and erase physical boundaries. We needed this energy after being so cold last year, with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. We can look forward to more mercy for this new annual cycle. The art world is also going to benefit. Due to the energy of Pisces, one must be careful with evasion and any means used for it, such as drugs or alcohol, etc.

During this week, on Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th, activities for couples that have to do with beauty will benefit. On Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th, you have to be careful with hypersensitivity, jealousy, and control. Enjoy practicing meditation and try not to be in crowded places. Friday, December 31st, and Saturday, January 1st are good days to be positive, open our horizons, travel, and celebrate. This energy is perfect for celebrating the New Year, so enjoy it. Sunday the 2nd is a good day to do something different and break routines. Get the best of these energies!

This week we have the portion of Va’era. In this one, Moshe talks to Paro (Pharaoh) and talks to the B’nei Israel about the liberation of the Israelites, and neither party listens to him. Internally, Moshe did not believe that he could do that job. This week, with the entry of Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces, we can connect with the energy of unconditional love, mercy, and absolute certainty. And, most importantly, we can be one with the Creator. When we are in that place, there is no room for our insecurity or for doubt. This week, with the energy of the portion of Va’era and the benefits the cosmos gives us, adhere to the energy of the Creator.

Have an amazing week.

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