Astrology Forecast for December 19-25, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for December 19-25, 2021

Rachel Itic
December 19, 2021
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This week the Sun, from its position in Sagittarius, continues to show us its optimistic, enthusiastic, and-full-of-opportunities face. Do not waste these last days of the Sun in a sign of fire! This energy fills us with passion, desire, and intuition. On December 21st, the seriousness of Capricorn enters the scene, totally shifting the energy away from that of cheerful and adventurous Sagittarius.

Capricorn brings the solstice—the change of seasons from fall to winter—plus a new cycle. The beginning of the Gregorian year is January 1st, which astrologically does not mark any special movement. Astrologers take four charts to forecast the energy of the year: the Sun's entry into Capricorn (winter), the Sun's entry into Aries (spring), the Sun's entry into Cancer (summer), and finally, the Sun's entry into Libra (autumn). Each chart marks the energy that will be experienced in the coming three months, thus consolidating the total energy of the year. This entry of the sun into Capricorn will influence the following months, which are Aquarius and Pisces.

Kabbalistically, we know that the year really begins in the month of Aries and that we are coming into the last months of the annual cycle. Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces represent the manifestation of everything that has been worked on from Aries until now. This is a time of results, consolidation, and receiving everything that has been sown previously.

This winter solstice begins with four celestial bodies in Capricorn: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto, the transformer, which will bring a lot of weight to the energy we feel during this week. Capricorn, in essence, is utilitarian. Its guiding principle is achievement—Capricorns always fight for what they want no matter the difficulties. You have a great ability to achieve your goals at this time. Capricorns are responsible, committed, disciplined, and full of ambition. Sometimes they miss the mark when it comes to sensitivity, empathy, mercy, and compassion towards others and towards themselves. They always demand more of themselves and find it difficult to relax and simply enjoy life. Capricorns are lovers of work and success; their true work (and challenge) is to open their hearts.

To all those who have the Sun in Capricorn, happy solar return! And for those who have a Capricorn in their lives, consider expensive and tasteful gifts, such as designer clothes, jewelry, a fine dining meal, or a night in a luxury hotel. In this same way, Capricorns show their affection to their loved ones through luxury and expensive items, so don't feel bad if a Capricorn doesn't say "I love you," they will surely express their feelings in other ways.

Although the Sun is just going to pass through Capricorn, kabbalistically speaking, this energy is already available from December 4th on with the arrival of the New Moon, or Rosh Chodesh Tevet. Our satellite began its journey through the sign of Capricorn, and this week, the force of the Sun is added, for which we will feel its characteristics much more strongly. As for the trajectory of the moon, at this moment, it is in its full phase, which began on the 18th and will end on December 25th.

These days in the full moon give us moments of splendor and illumination. It is a time to reap what we have sown in recent weeks, and it brings a sense of completion. The luminary thus reaches its highest point in completeness with the Sun, from which it receives all of its energy and then reflects it back to us like a great projector. This is why it is recommended that we hold parties and celebrations during this period, as it brings us a lot of Light. However, from this moment, the moon begins to decrease its intensity. For this reason, starting new projects is not recommended from this point on. Yet, it is an excellent time to conclude a process. Public and social activities are beneficial, in addition to the fact that the moon is in Gemini. Let us remember that the energy of this sign favors communication and the exchange of ideas. Think: social engagements, promotion of products and services, and sharing mass information. So, if you have something to say and want the world to know, take advantage of the winning combination (full moon in Gemini).

Venus goes retrograde on December 19th, and this ends on January 29th. When we talk about a retrograde planet, we are talking about an optical illusion—it seems that the planet goes backwards, but planets always go forward. The effect is that the planet does not function as it normally does. Venus is the planet of love and affection. So during this period, the themes of love are truncated. We may not feel loved, or we may exaggerate our love. There may be confusion on this issue. Certain attitudes about love, such as caprice and instability, can occur, and with loved ones, we can feel more fussy. We can be uncomfortable with relationships. During this period, the dark side of love awakens, and we can go from hate to affection and from affection to hate in an instant. Finally, a retrograde planet gives you the opportunity to fix something from the past, so think about where in your relationships you can take this opportunity to fix or improve things. On the other hand, be very patient, especially with your loved ones. When Venus is retrograde, our senses are more perceptive. We may dislike things that previously did not bother us, such as smells, touch, tastes, noises, etc.

The portion of the week is Shemot, which tells us about how Pharaoh changed his feelings for the people of Israel. He forgot who Yosef and the Israelites were and went from being a people loved by Pharaoh to being slaves. It was a difficult process. However, this process helped them to get closer to the Creator and to unconditional love, and to finally free themselves from the desire to receive for themselves alone. This is a great example of Venus retrograde—a stage where love is unclear and very cloudy, where from one day to the next, we can go from love to hate or destroy things it took years to build. This energy helps us put in context the love and relationships that are really worth it to us. We can be in toxic relationships for years without realizing how destructive they are, causing us to bypass the truly important relationships of unconditional love. Take the opportunity of this portion and Venus retrograde to do real work in the area of ​​your relationships and ask the Creator to show you which are those that you should let go and those that bring you closer to the Light and to your potential.

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