Astrology Forecast for August 28-September 3, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for August 28-September 3, 2022

Rachel Itic
August 28, 2022
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This week, the sky prepares for the monthly conjunction between the moon and the sun, a moment known kabbalistically as Rosh Chodesh, or “Head of the Month.” Rav Berg teaches us that this is the best time to sow seeds for the month ahead. During new moons, the seeds of what is to come are planted. In addition, these days contain all the potential energy that can manifest during the cycle. We can control any challenging aspects of the month and connect to the blessings that are available.

At this time, said conjunction occurs under the energy of the month of Virgo, which interestingly lasts two days: the first, from the night of the 26th to the sunset of the 27th, and the second, from the sunset of the 27th to the sunset of the 28th.

This is a very important month since it is the prelude to Tishrei, the month of Libra. Through a 22-day process, this month will give us the opportunity to redeem ourselves and cleanse our past actions as we prepare for our next annual cycle. In order to do the work of the month of Tishrei, we can use the tool of teshuvah. It is a meditation that helps us see our mistakes, gives us the space to feel the pain they brought, and gives us the opportunity to repent. In doing so, we can learn and internalize the lesson, so we do not commit this type of transgression again. The more mistakes and negativity we recognize, the more thoroughly we can do the process of teshuvah and cleanse ourselves for a better year.

What the month of Virgo gives us is that ability to be detailed, critical, analytical, and judicious. It is exactly the energy we need to search ourselves and evaluate everything we have done. Virgo allows us to work precisely on ourselves and correct those negative aspects before the month of Libra, when we will all be judged for our actions. That is why Elul is so important because it allows us to create a defense during the holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

Elul is also called the “month of repentance.” According to kabbalistic astrology, it is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the last of the masculine months. That is, it’s the last month in which everything is in a state of potential or at the seed level. This gives us the ability to impact the next six feminine months (from Libra to Pisces).

In Greek mythology, Virgo is represented by the virgin: a young and innocent woman, a symbol of the immaculate and pure, of innocence and cleanliness. In this month, if we do a good job, we can return to that state of purity in our souls, and we can cleanse ourselves of our transgressions as we return to the metaphorical embryonic state. Virgo is one of the earth signs, along with Taurus and Capricorn. Their vision of the world is practical. They come to learn that the world revealed by the five senses is limited since it only represents a small portion of reality (the physical). They see the grain of sand instead of the entire beach. In this world of taxation, they seek perfection, a mission which will make them feel frustrated since the physical world is imperfect. They apply this demand and criticism to others, but above all to themselves. Their critical eyes are meant to see themselves and overcome themselves, but they must inject love and mercy in the process.

Virgo is one of the most diligent, responsible, and helpful signs of the zodiac. But their greatest challenges are empathy, mercy, and having an open heart. In fact, Virgo’s complementary opposite is Pisces, the most empathetic sign of the zodiac. That is the great lesson that Virgo must internalize: being able to see what is wrong, accept negativity without judgment, and transform it with love. The key is to do the work that is required of us this month.

This week's portion of the Zohar is Shoftim, which is connected to the energy of Virgo. Literally, Shoftim translates as “judges,” and now more than ever, we have to be very careful not to pass judgment too harshly or too quickly. When we make a judgment of someone, we have to be very careful to do it with love and empathy.

This week we have several planets in earth signs, which help us to be practical, logical, realistic, diligent, and responsible—but not very emotional and sensitive. In fact, this week, we have a lack of the water element (which connects us with our emotionally sensitive side) and the fire element (which helps us to be more passionate, enthusiastic, fun, and energetic). It is up to us to create balance because we definitely need to inject more emotion and heart during this process over the month of Elul.

Looking at the sky, we can see some elements during this period that are creating a lot of tension. On the one hand, we have Saturn (the planet of limitation) touching the goddess Venus, which gives us the sense of being limited in love. We may feel that we are not loved by others. In addition, we can feel a great tension—an energy that pushes us to change while we feel paralyzed and don't know how to do it. It is a week in which we need a lot of tolerance, patience, and adaptation, as well as mercy. Keep a low profile, work more silently, and more internally on yourself.

The energy day by day:

  • Monday – Activities that require detail, order, analysis, and precision will be favored. It is an ideal day to organize and clean. This day also supports us in being more helpful.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – We may feel attracted to others and seek harmony. Teamwork and all activities that strengthen relationships, whether as a couple, social, business, or friendship, are benefited. Beauty is running high, and we have more tact and diplomacy.
  • Thursday and Friday – It is recommended to stay away from crowds on these days. Carry out activities that have to be done secretly. Intimacy is also favored since sensuality appears with great vitality. On these days, emotions are intense, and we may seek control. This can lead us to be manipulative. Beware of jealousy and envy. On the other hand, we can connect with a keen sixth sense and our psychic side. You can feel a halo of pessimism in the environment.
  • Sunday – the energy changes radically at this time, and we can feel motivated, energized, and full of enthusiasm. It is an excellent day for adventure.

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