The Light of Wholeness


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The Light of Wholeness

Karen Berg
Mai 1, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

The circle is the symbol of continuity and unity, for it contains no end and no beginning. A circle is above the realms of time and lineation. The circle is found in the sun and the moon, on our faces, and in our eyes. Our hearts are the most important circle of all. We make a circle with those we love as we grasp one another’s hands. The circle is a glimpse into the endless energy where we derive our life. The Creator is whole and unified, and inside all of us lies this power and beautiful energy. This week, the new moon of Taurus enters, bringing with it a beautiful Light of healing and continuity. It engulfs and reminds us of our treasure within. This week, the Creator provides for us all the Light we need to restore and rebuild our spirits. We are made whole, once again.

"The Creator is whole and unified, and inside all of us lies this power and beautiful energy."

Our portion and spiritual medicine this week is Emor. Emor usually falls sometime in the middle of the period of spiritual rebuilding called the Omer. It is the bridge of time between the holidays of Pesach and Shavuot. The Omer is a building period where we are cleansed and elevated to our next spiritual level. Each year, this period of time is gifted to us from the Creator so we may be assisted with the help we need. Emor gives us the power and Light of wholeness. The portion discusses the quality of the priests who are the spiritual healers of the Israelites. They must follow a path of purity in order to be a channel of this healing for others. However, the truth is, we are not simply reading about the purity and perfection of the priests.  We read about ourselves. The portion of Emor encourages us today to follow and desire purity so we may be powerful healers for ourselves and those in need around us. Emor teaches the sacrificial offerings of the Israelites must also be pure and whole. Meaning, our efforts and offerings to each other, to be truly affective should be given with love and truth. We receive unto ourselves whatever energy we impart unto another. If we wish for wholeness, unity, and love, this is what we need to provide. A gift of love is a gift of wholeness. Finally, in what makes the portion of Emor truly unique, is the discussion of all the holidays throughout the year. Whatever a portion in the Torah discusses is the energy that is given to us. Therefore, through the portion of Emor, we receive the tremendous package of energy from the holidays of Pesach, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. Emor is truly special in its power to renew and rebuild via the power of all of the holidays throughout the year. Holidays are actually “whole” days in which the energy offered is of the highest source, containing the highest Light from the upper worlds closest to the Creator. It is by the means of the holidays throughout the year that we are bestowed with freedom, continuity, mercy, boundless energy, and happiness. The days of wholeness throughout the year are like islands of refuge in the ocean of life. There we can find the resources we need to live and thrive in this world. Yet, we do not have to wait all year to receive this extraordinary opportunity. This week, Emor provides us with them all, healing us and making us once again whole.

"Continuity is life. Continuity is healing. Continuity is love."

The month of Taurus is the month of healing and Light. It is not a coincidence that the entire month exists in the time of the spiritual building of the Omer. Taurus’ purpose is to lift us up and renew us. For many of us in this world, we may feel lost or abandoned by the Creator. Life is full of souls who are in anguish and despair, but the Creator does not abandon us. There is a system and way to connect to the energy that can make our lives worth living. Kabbalah means to receive for this precise reason. Our weekly portion reveals the veiled assistance that is sent from the Creator for each of us to partake in, so we may rise above difficulties, strife, and pain. We did not come to this world to suffer. We came to this world to be happy and whole. Each day and each year, we are nudged into the direction of our soul and the Creator so we may experience this Light of love and wholeness. Inside lies our power and potential to change and heal our lives, but we ourselves need to activate this energy. The Light is there calling you, you need only to desire it and allow it into your life.

This week in your meditation, connect to the beauty of the circle. Close your eyes and take a long, deep breath, and then release it slowly. The breath comes and leaves you smoothly and repeatedly. Just as in each lifetime, we come and leave this world repeatedly, for there is really no end. Like a circle, our breath and spirit come and go, never a beginning and never an end. This is the circle of energy of the Creator, forever and endless. We find it in the fruit of the trees, the roundness of the earth, in the faces of our children, and in the beauty of our beating hearts. Continuity is life. Continuity is healing. Continuity is love. Take this ball of energy from above and below and unify them. Take this Light and move it around your chakras, beginning at the top of the crown down through the ears and eyes, past the throat, through the heart, solar plexus, legs, and feet. Feel the body become whole once again. Like the priests, sacrifices, and holidays, you too are now complete and whole. For you are love, are born from love, and emanate love. Love is simply to be whole. 

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