The Light of Protection


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The Light of Protection

Karen Berg
Oktober 23, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2018.

It is the natural instinct of most parents to protect their young. Throughout the animal and human kingdom, when an offspring is in danger, the parent is compelled to protect them. We have even heard the stories of mothers able to lift heavy objects in order to save and free their children. This protection emanates from love, which can be a shield from almost any danger. It is this love that we completely rely upon as babies and young children. While learning to walk as toddlers, we need almost constant protection from our parents or guardians. Even as adults, this need still exists. As we stumble through adult lives, the Creator is forever watching over us and shielding us from negativity. The love of the Creator brings forth a protection shield, and this week, that force is reenergized into the cosmos. This week ushers in the new moon of Scorpio, a month known for its challenges and the famous biblical flood. As our antidote to the energies of this month, our protection shield of love is activated and renewed. Our gift this week is the Light of protection.

"The love of the Creator brings forth a protection shield for the entire world."

We come to the second portion of the Torah, called Noach. Noach is our channel and cosmic guide for the week. The Torah calls Noah “…a righteous man, and perfect in his generation, and [he] walked with God.” At this point, even though the world was relatively new, negative energy had increased, bringing danger to it. A deluge was sentenced to destroy the world, but the Creator instructed Noah in building a vessel designed to protect him and his family, and also two of every animal on earth. This protective vessel was known as the ark. Noah built the ark, as the Creator asked, taking with him his family and the earthly animals. For 40 days and 40 nights the rain fell upon the earth totally covering it and destroying every living creature – all except those in the ark. As promised, Noah, his family, and the animals who had been in the ark were protected and survived the flood. Once the flood ceased and the land was dry, the Creator blessed Noah to “….be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in earth and multiply upon it.” The Creator then made a promise, a covenant with humankind. He promised that the negativity of earth will never reach that level again and that a flood would never destroy its inhabitants. The Creator promised that we would be safe and shielded from that type of global disaster, forevermore. He explained that the rainbow, whenever we see it in the sky, is an indication that the Creator is there, loving us, and safeguarding His beloved children from danger.  Remarkably, there are 153 verses in this portion which is the same numerical value as the name Betzalel, the man who constructed the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was also a physical structure of Light that housed the energy of the Creator. This week, the Creator sends us this same beautiful Light of Protection that was present for Noah in the ark, as well as in the Tabernacle for the Israelites. We are guarded from the outside negativity that exists in today’s world, and even more importantly, shielded from the negativity that we have created for ourselves. This is a priceless gift, born from love, that we receive and renew this week.    

"See the Light protecting every animal and every human on the globe. One by one, every beating heart on earth is immersed in Light."

Life has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, I cannot say that we yet live in a perfect world where nothing goes wrong. Even though we strive to be spiritual people and we are working together to make the world a better place, there is still the presence of negativity. We work on transforming this global energy by diminishing our own personal negativity within. In this way, we can decrease the dangers of the world. Until positivity and love dominate our world solely, we rely on one another to keep us safe. Most importantly, we rely on the Creator and the energy of this week to fortify our energetic shield of protection, a unique opportunity that visits us once a year. Like a parent, the Creator sends us the Light of protection holding us safe in His arms. Once a student told Rav Berg that he had witnessed a miracle. He had just survived a car crash unharmed. To which Rav Berg replied, “I have an even greater miracle. I was not in a car crash at all!” Oftentimes, we may forget how every day on Earth is a gift. Every day that we are able to walk, see, and hear is a day that we have been protected and been loved. A love that defends us, nurtures us, and that we often take for granted.

This week for your meditations, find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed. Close your eyes and breathe. Sit quietly and begin to imagine a beautiful warm white light shining above your head. It grows in intensity and it slowly engulfs your entire body. You feel a rush of love and security bathe over you. You feel safe. You feel warm. You feel secure. It is the hand of the Creator and it is there to guide and protect you. As it shines from above to you, see it also extend outwardly over your loved ones, friends, family, and coworkers. Take this Light and see it travel around your neighborhood, your office, your malls, your schools, and cities small and large. Take this beautiful white Light, and engulf and cover the entire world. See it protecting every animal and every human on the globe. One by one, every beating heart on earth is immersed in Light.

It is a promise of the Creator that we will be protected, safe, and most importantly, always loved. A love that not only protects, but also helps us to transform each day into more caring, loving, and kinder human beings. For this is when the greatest protection of all is born.

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