Sharing Through Leadership


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Sharing Through Leadership

Esther Barnea
Juli 30, 2019
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Leo is the only sign ruled by the sun, and since the sun is the heart of the solar system and a symbol of power, Leos often feel that the world revolves around them. Leo belongs to the fire element, and thus leans toward leadership. The sign also rules the heart, which is fitting since a good king rules his kingdom with heart. Like a lion, Leo will always fight to protect his territory and the people within it, paying little attention to anyone outside his realm. And they are known for loving with equal ferocity. 

"Make acts of sharing and love a priority..."

The month of Leo, or Av, has two completely opposing energies — the first half of the month is very negative, to the point that it is better not to take any unnecessary risks, while the other half of the month is very positive. Similarly, Leos can exhibit these two characteristics within themselves. Be aware: the way in which these energies manifest depends entirely on how you are going to treat them. If you treat them with love and respect they will be happy, open-minded, enthusiastic, magnetic, loving, generous, and charismatic. They will give you everything you want and make sure you are taken care of.

The word av means father, and like a father protecting his children, Leo takes charge of his territory and loved ones. Since they are driven by their egos and pride, if you don’t treat them well (or their people or territories), they can become jealous, competitive, or close-minded, doing whatever is in their power to ruin things.

Whether your sun sign is Leo or not, both of these energies are available to us this month. At this time we can connect to our creativity, to the things that make us happy, and to our sharing nature. Think about developing self-esteem, and connecting more deeply with friends and family.

"Be a true being of sharing."

The new moon’s chart shows four celestial bodies in Leo: the sun, the moon, Venus, and Mars, which gives us the power to take charge. By nature, Leos expect all eyes to turn in their direction when they enter a room. When this does not happen, they become grumpy and depressed. This month, let’s not expect to be loved and appreciated just because we assume we are the center of things. Make acts of sharing and love a priority, and care for others.

We see failure of leadership today in the world because the true definition of leadership got mixed up. Those in charge think that because they have been put in a position of power they are allowed to do whatever they want; it is all about them. True leadership means asking what you can do for your people. A leader who aims to serve others is sure to find success.

Be a true being of sharing. The sun doesn’t wake up in the morning deciding to whom she’ll give light and to whom she will not. And the heart doesn’t decide to stop giving energy to lungs.

The square aspect between the sun, the moon, and Venus in Leo, to Uranus in Taurus will probably make us feel we have to hold on to what we have very tightly, but the universe asks us to stop holding, to get creative, and to enjoy life. Allow others to step into the center, without taking it personally or getting offended. If someone has differing desires than ours, it doesn’t mean they are against us or that they don’t love us. It just means they have the right to their own desires, and that is ok!

Mercury just finished its retrograde cycle, but is still in the shadow, which allows us to communicate better with each other. On August 12th, Mercury also joins the sign of Leo, giving us additional energy of creativity, joy, and charisma. Let’s use that energy to our benefit! The sun and Venue in Leo will oppose the South Node and Saturn in Capricorn, requiring us to open our hearts, and work within them to let go of rigidity and stress. Worrying never helped any of us to solve the problem at hand.

This month:

  • Take charge of your life.
  • Treat people with love and respect, just like you want to be treated.
  • Be a being of sharing.
  • Be an example to others.
  • Let go of rigidity and connect to the bigger picture.
  • Connect to the heart.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Remember your hobbies and make sure to do at least one.
  • Every day do at least one thing that makes you happy.
  • If you need help, call the angel Barki’el to help you to connect to the positive energy of the month.
  • Avoid judgment at all costs.

Have a wonderful month!