Choosing the Path of Love


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Choosing the Path of Love

Karen Berg
Mai 15, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2018.

Many of us may remember from our childhoods the first time we picked up a stone, and tossed it into a lake. We may recall with our mind’s eye the ripples that formed in the water. Once pristine, the image in the lake wavered and broke. We might have learned then, the power we have to create changes in the world. From the mere tossing of a stone, we saw the image shattered and discovered our influence. Life is like that lake. What we throw out into our universe, is reflected back into our own lives. Like looking into a mirror, when we smile at the Universe, the Universe smiles back. The reverse is also true, when we frown, the image frowns back. Creating the energy of love will create for us a beautiful image. This is the magic of the interconnectedness of life. When we increase the amount of love and kindness that exists in the world, it is in fact ourselves who benefit most from these actions. This week, we are supported in remembering the power we have to affect lasting change in our lives. We remember the ability, and responsibility, we hold to do good for others. 

"It is never too late to initiate the spiritual path."

For this, our guide is the portion of Bechukotai. Bechukotai is the last portion in the third book of the Five Books of Moses, also known as the Torah. We have spent the last several weeks being fortified with energy to help improve our lives. Each week, the Creator sends a unique and vital energy to help us along our path. The Torah is one of our most powerful tools to help improve the quality of our lives. The story of Bechukotai, explains the path of spirituality and the gifts given to us via the Torah. We learn further about the workings of the universe and the capability we have to be a creative force of goodness in this world. Bechukotai, as well, expounds on the negativity we can draw into our life, if God forbid, we put negativity into the universe. But even more importantly, we learn of our capacity to emulate the ways of the Creator, to create endless gifts and blessings for ourselves and the world. We are empowered in the knowledge that life can be good, and that we can change it if not. We learn from Bechukotai that we can attract blessings to our lives when we make a commitment to a spiritual path, a path that is paved with actions of love and human dignity. For when we give, it is always we who receive the most.

It is never too late to initiate such a spiritual path, and no matter how often we may veer from that road, it is one we can always return to. If we find ourselves in a space where things are not going the way we would like, we do have the ability to turn things around. We can begin at this very moment to send out into the world the energy of positivity – and, indeed, that positivity will flow back to us. Sometimes all it takes is reaching out in kindness to help a friend, or simply smiling at a stranger passing by. There is an endless amount of love within each of us to give, and yet there is such a lack of it in the world today. The kindness we bestow to others creates a beautiful world, filled with love and beauty, and in turn reflects back to us the blessing of love and beauty in our own lives.             

"Everything in life is connected...the kindness we bestow to others creates a beautiful world, filled with love and beauty."

In your meditations this week, take yourself to a warm summer day. See yourself by the edge of a beautiful mountain lake. The lake is smooth, like glass. See the deep blue sky and majestic mountain reflected inside. The beauty and glory of above is reflected in the world below. You can see everything in life is connected. You see the harmony and unison of all your actions in this world.  You feel the peace of knowing that when you smile, the world smiles back. There is a deep awareness that everyone and everything are interlocked like two holding hands. You do, indeed, hold the power to create and draw blessings. You are free to walk in the path of loving-kindness knowing that lovingkindness finds its way back to you. The lake is calm and still, filled with all the abundance and blessings that life can offer. With love beating in your heart, you know, too, your life is filled with exactly the same.

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