Astrology Forecast for the Month of Capricorn


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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Capricorn

Yael Yardeni
Dezember 31, 2017
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After the Holiday of Lights, we find ourselves this week half-way through the month of Capricorn! As this is one of the most powerful times of the month, we’re going to focus our efforts this week on that Capricornian energy that is permeating the cosmos, and how we can make the most of it!

"The cosmos gave us a good boost this month to not stay cold and cranky."

At the birth of the New Moon of Tevet/Capricorn, all the planets were in the southern hemisphere of the chart to help us to stay focused on others this month in a most extraverted way. Mars and Jupiter were conjunct in Scorpio, to bring us growth, energy, expansion, and ambition.

Several planets all conjunct in Sagittarius (Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon) placed strategically in the house of transformation ( 8th/ Scorpio), will allow us this whole month of Capricorn to reinvent ourselves,  let feelings that festered come out, and teach us to better use our instinct, all in the peaceful light of the Taurus rising.

In conclusion, the cosmos gave us a good boost this month to not stay cold and cranky. Baring that in mind, let’s examine the sign and the planet of this month: Capricorn and its famous and feared ruler: Saturn.

"Saturn rules time, challenges, responsi- bilities, and boundaries."

Saturn is one of the two solar system giants. Saturn’s look is unmistakable. It has glorious ice rings all around, which inspires definite respect. In traditional astrology Saturn rules time, challenges, responsibilities, and boundaries. Often called the “great malefic,” Saturn is the planet which orders us to do our tikkun, our correction. It is also connected to governements, big corporation, law and order!

In 2018, it will enter the sign it rules after 2 1/2 years in Sag! Saturn in Capricorn will restructure everything in our society, governements, and on a personal level – everything which is not yet in order. We have to be very conservative about money during that time!

Now , let’s get some funny facts about our Capricorn friends, to better understand what kind of ‘energy’ we all may be facing in the days to come….

For starters, they are possibly the grumpiest sign of the whole zodiac. One of first things we notice is the chilly energy around them. This is not the warmest feeling! Very serious and focused, they carry Saturn’s energy, and its ice rings. Truly, the apparent coldness is just a refuge for their lack of self confidence.

Capricorn will remember all the difficult things that ever happened in their lives and surroundings. However, their sense of responsibility is legendary. Care should be taken they don’t turn into workaholics.

A Capricorn will work very hard and very slow, until their ambitions are reached. They are the ones who will pre-plan their retirement at 20 years old! Very often, the Capricorns of a family are first born and took a lot of responsibility from a very young age. Many Capricorns likely remember difficult childhoods.

They are indeed very old souls and during their childhood years, they simply looked at their parents and relatives and ask themselves: “Why is everyone so childish and irresponsible!”

Their main tikkun (what they came back to correct in this life) is their sensitivity towards lack. The feeling that something is missing in their lives can be overwhelming. They then speculate that other people have something they don’t. Truth be told, the cosmos often reinforces their fears, and they are  the last ones to be served in restaurants or cannot find the item they look for in a shop … all kinds of funny, crazy things happen to Capricorns that give them the illusion they have ‘bad karma’!

"Our spiritual work this month is to open up to others."

Their correction is to let go of materialism, since it represents for them safety and security. When a Capricorn turns spiritual he will become tremendously intuitive and elevated. Surprisingly romantic because of the internal water, they are in fact a lot more sensitive than they appear.

In the body, Saturn rules bones, joints (especially knees) teeth and skin, sensitivity ng and weaknesses in these areas could appear later in life. Capricorn  should always eat right, including in their diets products of the land, such as grains and veggies.

They will excel in professions such as: accounting, government offices, animal care, and agriculture… which is to say that some Capricorns prefer plants and animals to human beings!

Famous Capricorn include: Johanes Kepler, Edith Piaf, Nostradamus, Newton, Braille…. and more!

Our spiritual work this month is to open up to others. Allow yourself to be emotional and loving. Learn what love truly means. Chances are, we’ll learn once we stop trying to manipulate everything and trust that the Light is in the business.