Astrology Forecast for May 20-26, 2018


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Das astrologische Horoskop hilft uns, unsere Seele kennenzulernen und den Erfahrungen, die wir machen, den Menschen, die wir kennen, der Arbeit, die wir tun, und den Weggabelungen mehr Bedeutung und ein besseres Verständnis zu geben.

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Astrology Forecast for May 20-26, 2018

Esther Barnea
Mai 20, 2018
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As much as we love astrology, the true reason we study this ancient knowledge is to help us go beyond the zodiac signs and become the one who decides what happens in our lives. Kabbalistically, this is the energy we can access this week – the ability to go above the influence of the signs.

In the portion of Naso, the head of each Israelite tribe (representing each Zodiac sign) makes an offering, enabling them to spiritually go above personal challenges and connect to a higher level of consciousness.

"Connect to a higher level..."

Shavuot falls on Sunday, May 20th, bringing us a very strong desire for freedom. Venus in Cancer can be very defensive, and that energy can pass on to us, but since we are in control of our lives we can find an outlet. Take a long walk, go to the beach, or get a massage. Spend time doing the things you enjoy with people you love.

On Monday, May 21st, the sun enters the sign of Gemini. Use your words wisely. With Gemini around, the desire to talk increases. Make it your goal to listen to what people are telling you. Gemini’s skill is communication. Connect to that talent – it is available to all of us – and work on your communication skills

The moon squares the sun and Mercury sextiles Neptune on Tuesday, May 22nd. Intuition is very strong on this day, as well as our creative sides. Use this energy to meditate or do something creative you have wanted to do for a long time and may be postponing. If you have an important meeting or anything that needs your attention, make sure to double check all the details.

"Keep going, be productive and enjoy your day."

On Wednesday, May 23rd, Mercury is opposite of Jupiter, while the sun trines with Mars. There is a lot of energy in the cosmos at this time; use it well, and remember: restriction is the name of the game.

A big trine occurs between the moon, the sun and Mars on Thursday, May 24th. There is a great flow of energy now, so keep going, be productive and enjoy your day.

On Friday, May 25th, there is a trine between Mercury and Pluto, and Jupiter and Neptune. Take this time to study the Zohar, or any kind of spiritual teachings. The energy present will help you go deeper than usual. You might understand things that you could not understand before. If there are important conversations you need to have, check in with how you feel. Perhaps, now is the time to have them.

Mercury trines Mars, and Venus is opposite of Saturn on Saturday, May 26th. Do you know the feeling when you think someone is talking about you? You may begin to put things together and decide, “Yes, they are taking about me!” Well, they are not. Insecurity can increase today, and we think we have it figured out. Connect to yourself, know who you are, and be strong. If someone has something to say about you, it will not affect you at all in the end.