Astrology Forecast for 2017


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Astrology Forecast for 2017

Yael Yardeni
Januar 17, 2017
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Hi everyone! Happy New Gregorian Year to you all!


Let’s find out what this whole year has in store for mankind.

This year is under the sign of depth and cooperation, so we need to prepare for openness and flow. At the exact moment of the New Year, the sun was conjunct deep into Pluto in Capricorn, and the moon was in free-spirited Aquarius. Mars, Neptune, Chiron, and south node are all conjunct in dreamy Pisces. These two trends—Capricorn versus Pisces—are in the opposite ends of the spectrum, yet they are deeply connected. The lesson here is about authenticity, depth, serious work, but with the Piscean coloring of compassion, sharing, and seeing the bigger picture.

In short, this is a year for a good reality check. It’s a time to be honest, but not brutal, genuine with no agenda! This is a whole program unto itself! The strong Plutonian influence is not an easy one, but it pushes us to transform and recreate ourselves.

In addition, the chart’s rising is in peaceful Libra along with Jupiter. The general atmosphere is definitely about cooperation and partnerships, rather than working solo. This year is the time we finally realize that growth cannot happen unless we are unified. Unity is what creates miracles; it’s the essence of going to our next level as humans.

Here are some of the key words with Jupiter in Libra: Peace and love, not war. We, not “I.” Think, “we work,” “we live.” Beauty, art, balance… Sounds amazing!

Uranus, the life changer, is in opposition to Jupiter. This is a fantastic feature for a fast year, full of breakthroughs, personal and global transformation, as well as reinvention. This is the most fantastic menu!

Now, about scary Saturn…

Saturn in Sagittarius will test our faith and belief systems. But it will also update our skills and knowledge. The escape mechanisms we all have will not work anymore! Saturn is also squaring Neptune in Pisces. Each one of us will come to realize the gap between spirituality and religion. Neptune is about feelings and intuition, while Saturn is about laws and regulations. This combo is a great way to break fanaticism!

In addition, two eclipses will take place this year—a solar eclipse on February 23rd, and a lunar eclipse on August 21st in Leo. Since the axis of Leo/Aquarius (leader versus nation) is involved, we can expect some issues with world leaders. We should all place high priority on meditation and positive consciousness towards world leaders, so they will be guided to make the right decisions.

Generally speaking, the most difficult month this year will be January when Mars, Neptune, and Chiron will be tightly aligned. It’s a dangerous combo, since hidden information is exposed and this lasts until January the 20th—the most unstable time of the month. Yet, the spring will be full of positive revelations.

And now by astrology signs…

The fixed signs (Taurus, Leos, Scorpio, and Aquarius) have to step up to the plate and not be afraid to rethink themselves.

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are in for big changes. They will be pushed to take bigger responsibilities in a much more serious way! No more getting away with everything with a cheeky smile or laziness!

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) are elevated by Jupiter and will see their belief systems powerfully altered by Pluto and Uranus. Uncomfortable, but very powerful changes await them.

The keys words to remember for 2017:

  • Seriousness and determination
  • Courage
  • Global community
  • Mediation, not confrontation
  • Update your knowledge and skills!
  • A very happy New Year to everyone!

To be continued…