Desiring It All


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Desiring It All

Karen Berg
April 3, 2019
Gefällt mir Teilen Bemerkungen

Welcome to the new moon of Aries and the new zodiac year. Happy New Year! We stand now at the beginning of the zodiac calendar at the youngest and most energized of all the astrological signs. Excitement and energy fill the cosmos this month giving us a feeling of being “born again.” The month of Aries is unique as it is the first of the 12 signs and is considered the leader. Its consciousness is the origin of our entire zodiac and of each one of us. It is the energy that causes the flowers to bloom each spring and compels us to rise each day from bed, forging forward in life. The Aries lives by the strongest desire, and we are all gifted this month with a new-found sense of passion and drive. Aries is unique as it contains the major holiday of Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew. The foundation of Aries allowed for Pesach to occur, for Aries was created before Pesach. In the month of Aries, our desire, wishes, dreams, and passions are ignited. For those born under this sign, they always feel a fire under their feet, empowering them to change and begin new adventures. Kabbalah teaches that desire is the secret to life. The greater our desire, the more we will manifest. In the month of Aries, we have the priceless gift to transcend the smaller desires in life. We have the capability to desire even more than material pleasures and our immediate whims. On the 15th day of this month, Pesach reveals our true potential and the power of Aries, which is far beyond the desires of our personality. We are able to awaken the greatest desire of all: the desire to transform ourselves completely and reach our truest potential of existence. This is a miracle of life, and the opportunity awaiting us this month.

"The road to fulfillment lies not in what we get, but in how much we change."

Aries is ruled by the planet of Mars. Mars is the planet of combat and it allows for fearlessness. Aries are known to rush in where even angels fear to tread. There is courageousness and power to Aries unlike of any zodiac sign. The portion of the body associated with Aries is the head. They go headfirst in anything they set out to do. Fueling them is an unending source of the Creator’s energy. Because of this, Aries specialize in starting new ventures, businesses, and any project or creation. This month, everyone, regardless of their birth sign, can utilize this energy for spiritual growth and transformation. In fact, this is the exact purpose of the cosmos, so we may utilize the gifts available each month to help our spiritual evolution. In the month of Aries, we have the greatest potential for change and transformation. The first 12 days of this month correlate to the 12 signs of the zodiac. These first 12 days are the seeds of the next 12 months. Therefore, this month is a powerhouse of energy, like a live explosive, capable of detonating anything we choose. But where do wish to use this power? For many, their desire and energy are used to accumulate, mostly for themselves. Humanity is oftentimes under the illusion that what will create happiness is receiving. The more we receive, the happier we will be. But we learn that this, in fact, is not the road to fulfillment. The road to fulfillment lies not in what we get, but in how much we change. Our desire is never satiated as we accumulate for ourselves the pleasures and treasures of this world. We become like a black hole that is never satisfied. Our hidden desire, of which we may not even be aware, is the desire to impart onto others and sustain them. Our greatest desire is to be like the Light that made us. This is where our truest fulfillment lies and is our greatest treasure to obtain. It is a treasure that is hidden to most, but not to the Aries. The Aries wants everything in life. The Aries allows nothing to pass by without grabbing it. It is in this month, along with the power of Pesach, that we grab for the very best: the desire for the Light that can only derive from our transformation. Nothing compares to the fulfillment of transforming our natures, and in this month, we do not settle for anything less than that.

"We need only one thing: a desire for the very best in life."

Pesach takes the power inherent in this month and uses it to its most efficient and highest capacity. Do we really wish to settle for so little in this world? Are vacations, fortune, and physical pleasures all we dream of? Do we not desire far more? Is joy, happiness, peace, freedom, true love, and a connection to the Creator not something you wish for yourself? In this month, we are able to awaken that desire and far more. The unique desire available this month wakes us up out of our sleep and charges us to begin obtaining every last blessing we were meant to receive in this world. Now, we settle for nothing less than total fulfillment, total freedom, and total unity with the Creator. But, there is just one way to reach this utopic existence. We must embolden our desire even beyond what we think we want. We must be open to not only desire the smaller things in this world, but also desire the larger, loftier spiritual states. We learn to desire the Light of the Creator to the point that we are willing to put our full energy force behind the loving and caring for others. It is in this way we can receive everything the Creator intended for us. The more we can place our energy into a cause beyond and above ourselves, the more energy we, ourselves, actually receive. In order to do the work of spirituality, we need only one thing: a desire for the very best in life. It is in the knowing and understanding that it is we who benefit the most from our transformation to one of giving and sharing. It is the fulfillment and Light we receive that make us willing to give and help others. The joy of being a channel of the Light is the greatest joy there is, but we must desire it or we cannot obtain it. It is in this month we are given the passion to not just survive in this world, but to thrive in it. We are given the desire to go beyond the concept of getting whatever we want, to the reality of getting exactly what our soul needs. And there is nothing greater than that.

Wishing you a month of transformation and your truest fulfillment.