A Time for Optimism


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Kabbalistische Astrologie-Horoskop-Lesung

Das astrologische Horoskop hilft uns, unsere Seele kennenzulernen und den Erfahrungen, die wir machen, den Menschen, die wir kennen, der Arbeit, die wir tun, und den Weggabelungen mehr Bedeutung und ein besseres Verständnis zu geben.

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A Time for Optimism

Kabbalah Centre
November 5, 2018
Gefällt mir Kommentare Teilen

Sagittarius always follows Scorpio, and there is a divine reason for this. Nothing in life is random; each sign takes us one step forward in our spiritual journey. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, which asks us to transfer our consciousness from the limited body to the unlimited spirit. Sagittarius is the unlimited body we aim to become. It is the consciousness of knowing who you really are, knowing your truth, and recognizing reality – that is, a reality not limited by fears where we desire to learn more, explore, travel, and to see the world.

"The smallest step can open the gates of heaven."

This month we have two major changes in the zodiac that will influence us on an individual and global level. On November 8th Jupiter moves to the sign of Sagittarius, and will remain there for 13 months (November 8, 2018 – December 3, 2019). Things will feel easier and faster, not only for this month, but for the entire year. Sagittarians are known for their optimism. The universal rule that “like attracts like” can bring a lot of positive energy and positive events into our lives, keeping us on the happy side.

Jupiter is not always the “good guy” when there are issues. Jupiter can expand them, leaving you in a pool of chaos. Nothing happens on a small scale with Jupiter and Sagittarius, so focus on the good and use the gift of optimism.

The energy of Jupiter and Sagittarius is the energy of miracles. Try to do something, even if it is a small step toward creating miracles. Please, don’t sit at home and wait for them to happen.

The smallest step can open the gates of heaven. As it says in the Midrash, “Open for Me an opening the size of the eye of a needle, and I’ll open for you the gates of heaven.”

Jupiter was last in Sagittarius November of 2006 – November of 2007. What happened to you then? What lesson did you need to learn? And how can you make it better this time around? When Jupiter moved into Sagittarius twelve years ago, Apple released the first iPhone, the electric car Tesla had been showing for the first time, and Netflix introduced its video streaming services, among other technological developments. In 1995, twelve years before that, the internet was new to the scene, though limited to emails, and information searching. Google emerged and Amazon started as a web bookstore.

"Don’t be rigid! It won’t work."

The ability to see the bigger picture and communicate on a larger scale turns this wide world into a “global village” – a place where we won’t feel stuck in the place where we were born. We can exist in one place, while in so many other places at the same time.

Don’t assume you know everything already; you have a lot to lose if you do that.

There is so much more to learn and so much more to explore. Great truth awaits us.

How do we connect to it?


  • Everything happens for a reason. See the blessing in everything.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Create small steps for manifestation.
  • Study spiritual lessons.
  • Spend time outdoors.
  • Look back on what happened twelve years ago (if you are older, also 24 years ago). Notice the power you have to make things different.
  • Plan a trip (even short one).
  • Don’t look for justice; connect to the bigger picture.

On November 16th the nodes move to the signs of Cancer and Capricorn (North Cancer, South Capricorn). The nodes of the moon will show us what we need to leave behind and what we need to develop. The nodes in our personal chart will indicate a portion of our past lives and what our corrections are in this world. Every 18 months the nodes will change signs.

This time the south node (the things we need to leave behind) will move to Capricorn, and the north node (the things we need to develop) will move to the sign of Cancer.

The universe asks each and every one of us to become softer, to do things with more mercy, and learn how to have empathy for one another. In doing so, we can build a strong foundation, gain inner security, and enjoy life processes without feeling so weighed down by the result. Invest in your family, and do things with your heart, not with an agenda. Don’t be rigid! It won’t work.

What to leave behind and what to develop for the next year and a half?

  • Leave the attitude and develop mercy.
  • Leave rigidity and develop spirituality.
  • Leave judgment and develop nourishment.
  • Leave concern with the result and enjoy the process.
  • Don’t help people because “it is the right thing to do,” but because you care.
  • Leave the worry and develop emotional security.
  • Leave stubbornness and develop flexibility.
  • Leave what people think of you and develop humility.