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A Month of Opportunity

Karen Berg
November 21, 2022
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This article was previously published in 2016.

Welcome to the New Moon of Sagittarius! The word for this month is opportunity, for that is the beautiful energy that exists within it. And it's not just opportunity for those of us who are born under this sign, but for all of us. Indeed, we are all affected by the energy of the month, whether or not it is our birth sign.

"Choosing the spiritual path help us manifest miracles for ourselves and others."

Here are a few things to know about this month:

  • This month will feel a lot different than last month. While Scorpio is a sign known for its fears, inhibitions and difficulty, Sagittarius is the opposite. Sagittarius has been called a "lucky" sign. Sagittarians are risk takers, freedom lovers, and miracle makers. In this time, we have the opportunity to take chances on things that bring benefit to ourselves, gaining freedom and miracles as we step out of our habitual natures and comfort zones to do so. There will also be great potential for growth and advancement for businesses based in sharing with others and helping the world.
  • The 8 days of Chanukah begin in this month; known as a time of miracles. Stay tuned to learn more about this wonderful cosmic opening, but for now, know that it is a special opportunity for us to reveal the Light in our difficulties, see the good in ourselves and others, and gather certainty that Creator is with us even when it doesn't seem like it.
  • The word for Sagittarius in Hebrew is keshet, which means "rainbow.” Rav Berg always said that the first day of this month, known in Hebrew as Rosh Chodesh Kislev, was the day that Noah emerged from the Ark to see the Rainbow that God had put in the sky. What a positive day! This rainbow represented the promise that the world would never again be completely destroyed by flood. There are many secrets about the rainbow. One is that it is half of a circle. From this we understand that as human beings we do not see see the whole picture. We often have our visors down; we don't hear, we don't see, we don't connect to the magnificent Divine energy that exists within and all around us. This month’s energy is one that can assist us to becoming more "like" God – more sharing, loving, giving of ourselves with others – and in doing so, we can begin to see a bigger picture. We can begin to become more whole within ourselves.
  • The planet that rules this month is Jupiter. It is the largest planet in the solar system and carries the energy of expansion, higher learning, growth, and abundance – all of which is available for us to tap into this month. Because of its massive size, it doesn't orbit the Sun but rather orbits with the sun, creating a sort of balance in the solar system. It reminds me of the relationship between the North and South poles. Each one is a force unto itself, but because of their interdependent relationship, the pull between them, our earth stays on its axis. This month we can work on our interdependent relationships with each other. Great things can come out of a relationship between two people who are open to the ideas of the other, who are willing to resist the desire to only look at what is good for "me." When there is a circuit of energy in a relationship, energy can flow freely. Jupiter can assist us this month to step outside ourselves and see another’s point of view, enhancing our relationship with others and thereby enhancing our relationship with the Light.

This is a wonderfully positive month. Let us take advantage of the opportunities that abound to choose and re-choose the spiritual path, so that we may manifest miracles for ourselves and others.

Wishing you a blessed month!

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